Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where? Where am I???

Going back to school -- isn't for the faint of heart.

Finals- BIG HUGE PROJECTS DUE.... on the side of family and friends and Blogging and Hockey, and card making- oh yeah.. and laundry... and dinner...

But I've completed my HUGE - burly assignment that was due last night at Midnight.

Tomorrow I have to .. present it.

But can I say??

.. I am sooo proud of myself!
Here's my project: I had to create- from scratch- a WEBSITE! {Click Here}

Yes! You heard me!

This class was intense!
I went from not knowing how to do squat except open my blogging window and type...
creating in Photoshop a lay-out...
then using Dreamweaver to format everything in html,
then use another program called imovie to make my instructional video,
made a brochure and poster all in 5 weeks!

Some of my classmates have AMAZING sites... graphically speaking.

I was just trying to keep things simple... they added all kinds of layers and cool stuff. I was just trying to get pages to link and attach pdf files and anchor so people can scroll down pages,

and worried less about roll-over blinkies and fancy stuff.

But now.. I can't stop visiting it.

It is sooo adorable.
I even attached a blog- (cuz you know how I love blogs..)

and I made a cute button- you can see on my right hand side...
YES! I did that!!!!
It's unbelievable- really
my instructors are miracle workers.

Go visit it! And then visit the blog- and become a follower-- so for my presentation tomorrow I get extra bonus points for having people really use my site!

I'm a sucker for bonus points!


T said...

it's quite impressive - shoot, I can't even figure out how to manipulate the html enough to make my header a bit larger without making it go all wonky! apparently I should be taking a class?

April said...

WOW!!! You are amazing!!! I need to take a class like that...but I know I never will. I have a fear of classrooms.

SWIRL said...

I am still learning... I tried to make a new banner for this site- and messed it up a tad--- if you haven't noticed.
(DANG!- just when I thought I was getting the hang of this stuff!)

Now this site is all wonky?? Love the word T! and my blog center part is GREEN??
I really did a number on it!

Thanks for the support ladies!
Love ya!

Emily said...

I think that is from Willy Wonky and the chocolate factory

Emily said...

I'm super impressed!

lilia said...

Love it - I am always so impressed! What is the name of the class you took. I really need to sign up and take classes too.

Monica said...

I may have to hire you! My website it very basic!!!

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