Saturday, June 20, 2009

Come and See!

Look and see one of my summer projects! (It is almost complete-- my part anyway.) I was approached by the PTCO of our school and asked to design a blog or website. I was happy to oblige- since I am just learning all this stuff and love any excuse to be on the computer fiddling around..(Sorry honey.. I need to use the computer to help out the PTCO.. we both agreed we need to be more supportive of school needs....)
I accepted the challenge!
Here is the button to the site... our school mascot is a gecko- I was so happy when I found a graphic on-line of a surfing gecko and happily paid the $10 to use it. I had tried to design something on my own... and the banner was looking a little home-spun.
I've got a few "Must Do/To Do" this Summer...even with company... and it feels good to have one mostly done!
The other really cool project I am working on this Summer is over at the An on-line book club starting June 22. There is still time to join- just get a copy of the book MVP* and start reading up to page 39. The more the merrier.
OTHER projects and tasks relate to the biz side of in general. A reporter from our local paper the MIDWEEK called and asked to interview me on Tuesday! So I am trying to anticipate questions and come up with thoughtful answers about the site and it's content.
AND THEN STILL ANOTHER thing that has happened is... I've got the opportunity to start interpreting again! ( I use to work as a ASL Interpreter...but have been out of the loop for 5 years now.. since our move to Hawaii. ) But BYU-H has interpreting needs now... and with my youngest enrolled in Special Ed Preschool... during school time... it has left me with open time to pursue this field again... SO... I have to practice and train and study and prepare for State Certification.
And then.... no one has mentioned my new blog look. Whatcha think sistahs?
I had fiddled too much with the html of my old blog.. trying to dissect it and learn what code does what.. that I messed up my old template and design... so I did this banner myself!!! YUP.. all by myself... I think it adorable.. but whatz new ... don't I always???
Hope everyone is beating the heat!


Amanda said...

I did notice the your new banner!!! Congrats on making it yourself, it is so cute!

Sounds like summer is going to be a lot of work, but sounds like you're enjoying all the challenges...good luck!!

April said...

Look at you!! Getting all fancy schmancy!! I love it!!

T said...

I think I SERIOUSLY need to take a blogging 101 class - because all this making banners and buttons is making me look pathetic! (I love both the banner AND the button though!)

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