Friday, June 5, 2009


Hey one and all! I have some exciting news! A site I started with the idea of keeping my siblings/nieces/nephews connected and reading called is hosting a give-away!
We are hosting an On-line book club this Summer ,
reading a great book: MVP (Magellan Voyage Project) by John Shelley.
(Children's Literature describes this story as the following..)
"Reality TV meets children's literature in this rollicking adventure. The idea of sponsoring such a contest without parental or legal consent is just so preposterous that it works. Adam Story's quest is a dream-come-true for every kid. Teachers will find a wealth of opportunity for teaching geography with this book, which includes everything from famous monuments, to world cultures, to time zones. What a fun read!"
When I was trying to find a book that would spring board Summer learning- I knew I hit the jackpot with MVP. It is fast paced and FUN!
So go to and get signed up to participate. The actual book club will start June 24th. (We are to have had read pages 1-39. )

GET THE BOOK and lets get our kids hooked this Summer!


Ter said...

just wanted to say hi. I haven't been commenting on your blog lately but I read most of your posts. anyway hope all's well.

Emily said...

Awesome! We are in- I'll get the book for these guys. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Hey Swirl!
The online book thing sounds really interesting. I don't know whether I've told you this before but I'm thinking of becoming a teacher so I might end up setting up something like that myself one day!

Amanda said...

ACK! I forgot to get you a picture...can you still use one or did you just move along without me?

I'm so for some reason I can't access the website, what is the URL?

Mandy said...

Just wanted to let you know I am a HUGE fan of your boys book club site. I started a book club for my 9 y/o this summer and using your blog for ideas, thanks! You are awesome!!!

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