Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Book Club

The Summer Book Club is off to a great start. I am so excited about the Sponsors and Give-away prizes.
This week's prize was two monogrammed backpacks from Kids Travel Zone.
I've been trying to be consistent with the boys doing their studies everyday (Math, Reading and Writing)- before we play or get too busy with Summer Fun. It's been going good except as fate/irony would have it one of my sons doesn't want to participate in the Summer on-line book club.
My other son is just doing it to please me. (He would rather be reading Franny K Stein, but the weekly prizes are tempting him. A sponsor donated 2 cell phones as prizes!)
But isn't that how it always is... I think it ironic too... that our normal book club members aren't participating either.
I thought hosting an on-line book club would be a great compromise. We all had summer plans and company and trips so having a normal book club would be impossible to coordinate.
The main thing is -- the kids are reading, right? It doesn't matter what they read.. just that they are reading.
I just think it is so funny/ironic- I put all this time and effort into this project and my kids are stinkers.


Amanda said...

Sorry ot hear your kids are being stinkers, but I'm enjoying the book club :) Connor was happy to answer the questions and add his opinion, however he was not happy about having to read 36 pages straight through.

I think he'll enjoy the next reading assignment since we'll stretch it out over a week.

Thanks for all your work, it is great for us :)

Anjeny said...

Should I send Jen over to do a little whooping for ya? LOL

That really suck Laura..I'm sorry. But I know they will thank you one day for all the efforts you are putting into this project.

Thank you for letting us be part of it..we haven't started reading yet but we WILL. I'm still trying to recover from Ward Camp..who'd have thought camping like that could be that exhausting?

Sarah said...

That's a shame, Swirl. I bet they're not as "stinky" as my brother though- he currently doesn't read books at all- even when he's supposed to read them for school!

But I think with your guys it's important to make sure they keep reading- even if it's not the book club book- and hopefully they'll keep reading into their teens.

What age group are the reluctant readers? I might be able to recommend something...

Emily said...

That's how you define 'reluctant' lol!

T said...

talk about stinkers - our library didn't have the book when I was there last week... of course, chica forgot to pack her book for our vacation so guess which one I'll have to pick up to keep her busy?

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