Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Scared

Have you ever rushed off to the airport for vacation and left a load in the washing machine??
What about a refrigerator full of left-overs? ugh...
What about a car full of sandy beach towels...
dishes in the sink?
I'm sure none of you do that.

What about a bag of pinata candy ... so all the ants and cockroaches could party while you were gone?

With each door I open... and corner I turn... I see the consequence of the haste in which we left the house 6 days ago.
It ain't pretty.

Nor does it smell pretty.

THANKFULLY- the condo we stayed in had a washer/dryer... and I washed all our clothes before packing!!! So I don't have a bunch of dirty clothes to pile on my already smelly smoldering mound.

A bit of unfortunate news: I am no longer an affiliate with They changed their policy and now residents of Hawaii are no longer eligible to be affiliates.
So now I have to re-think my business model with
I was offering all the info for free... because I was able to make a little money from sales/referrals from Amazon.

I am looking into other affiliate programs through Borders and B&N.
Any suggestions?
I am really sad about Amazon- but that is the nature of Business-- things (laws & policies) are dynamic and always changing... I've got to adapt.


T said...

that's bizarre that they're cutting all hawaiian affiliations... really weird...

sorry about the laundry issues - I came home from my insanity Monday night with 5 loads to do... I'm still not done - but what's more important... catching up on blogging or having clean clothes????

don't answer that.

Anjeny said...

That sucks about Amazon. Actually I stopped buying anything from Amazon years ago when I went back to school and order a couple of really "must use" textbooks from them and the books never came til the end up the semester. I ended up having to buy the same copies again from BYUH so yeah, that sucks!!

And yay for company leaving Saturday. My kids and I are up for anything...they would love to go hang at the beach or wherever, just let us know when and we'll be there.

Miss ya too girl. Glad you have a great vacation.

My worst fear about going on a trip is not leaving dirty dishes, left overs in the fridge, but actually leaving one of the kids behind. Chances are we are more likely to end up leaving Danny behind since he's sooo very quiet that I'm actually having nightmare about it. I guess it's a good thing we are not going on any trip anytime soon, uh? LOL

Sarah said...

Amazon can be a pain sometimes (especially if you're outside the States). If I buy a book for $3 I have to pay $18 postage!

You sound like my mum when it comes to the holiday anxiety. We were lying on a beach once on a girls-only holiday and I asked her what she was thinking. She said she was thinking how she could keep staff at work! It's kind of cute, really...

Emily said...

when we left for 3 weeks I made sure to do the dishes.. I was going to stay at my sister in law's house to watch her kids. BUT my husband would come home every few days to get clothes for work, eat dinner, etc. So, when I got back the sink was full of moldy really smelly dishes. Yikes!

Becky said...

Can't you set up a stateside PO box address and then forward the mail to Hawaii? Such a shame.

BTW The summer book club I have been running is doing good. I did one for Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the boys had so much fun. We played cheese touch tag and another game based on something in the book. And I also had the boys write a journal entry and draw a picture to go with it.

Martha said...

That is so dumb about Amazon. Hawaii is part of the US last time I checked. Your orders could come from anywhere. They are just losing out.

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