Thursday, July 2, 2009


Going off island with the in-laws!
My sister-in-law with husband and 4 kids, along with my in-laws and us are all going to Kauai! I've never been. We've lived here on Oahu for 5 years now and we've skipped over to Maui when the Super-ferry was running.

(That was so nice to be able to just pack the car and drive on... they have since closed it to do an environmental study to see how shuttling back and forth effects the marine life. I hope it comes back soon-
It seems like they are pretty harsh and restrict heavily island features that mostly serve those living on the island. This little ferry making it's way to and from Maui twice a day- I can't imagine harms the wildlife any worse than the multi-million-dollar cruise ships that visit our ports on a daily basis.)

Anyway- I didn't wake up at 4:00 am to get on THAT soap box! The Super-Ferry was no picnic way to travel... I was throwing up on the Super-ferry trip... (was soooooo sea sick and laying outside on the deck with others.. trying to become "one with the boat". ). I don't know how those early Pilgrims made it...
I saw a documentary around Thanksgiving... that said they were sea sick too-- but for a month or more of travel... not a few hours...

Anyway- back to our current trip.
We are all flying on the same plane. (About a half an hour flight)
7 boys ages 14 and under and one baby-girl... 16 months.
The boys are sooo excited!
They have been lovin having cousins around.
(My nephews are each a few years older than my boys- so each boy has a "friend" that they look up to.)

Last night- they were shaving each others heads and making "steps" on their sideburns.
I told them: now they can NEVER complain about the goofy haircuts I sometimes give them.

Son #3 is the only one of my kids that had any sense... I just trimmed his hair no wacky cut. ( and my youngest- jumped in the seat too.. for his turn. He's 3 years old.) It was cute.

Hopefully I'll take lots of pictures.
I've been too busy.... mostly lazy about take pictures so far because we are at the beach.
And my youngest has decided he's not a baby anymore--- happy to sit on the sand and dig with mommy... He's a BIG Boy that needs to be out in the water catching waves with a boogie board.

I spent 3 hours in the water with him... pushing him on small waves....
while my husband took the older boys to jump off the rocks and snorkel.

So I guess- not lazy.. more busy. Grandma and Grandpa are taking pictures. I'll just download theirs before they leave.

Gone- gone- gone are the days I can leisurely sit on the shore and watch my boys play in the surf. I am now an active participant in the water.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!


Kristina P. said...

I hope you have a great time! Happy 4th!

Ter said...

have a great time! :)

Sarah said...

Shaving each others heads?? You have GOT to post pictures... that is just too funny!

April said...

JEALOUS!!! Of both you and my son...who is almost in Kauai now for a month! Hope you have a great time!

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