Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back To School

Well... we are back to school. It's official.
(Some big bummers this summer: sand in my camera and one of my Best BFF's moving to the mainland! My friend CRASH- {gasp!} I know! What will I do?)

(Some best summer memories- were with all the family that came to visit and are still visiting!)

(We had my brother-in-law and family-- but camera was out of comission--- they have to send me copies of the pictures!!! And my mom, grandma, sister and great-aunt are here visiting!!! We're all having lunch with Crash-- later today.... boo hoo... but I am so glad my girls can meet Crash and friends.)

My oldest.. (sniff sniff) is off to middle school.

He's the one who thinks he needs a cell phone. I've gotten some great feedback from some of you who have taken this leap.

I like the comment about having your child take a picture of where they are.. to confirm their location.

I can't imagine having to do that with my oldest son- I mean- I still am naive and think that he tells/confides in me. (He's 12) I am sure the teenage years are going to be a shock to my system.

Now- on the other hand- my second son... I could see needing to check up on him and making him confirm his location.

Too often- I have to do investigative work to make sure he brushed his teeth and washed his hair... and clarify "washed with shampoo??"...

Son2 won this Kajeet phone this summer. I've been pleasantly surprised by how responsible he is with it! (I love the features Kajeet offers- the parental controls but also the separate wallet accounts. I can put money/minutes on his phone HE can add money/minutes. If he uses up his minutes... he won't be able to make calls/take calls from friends but the phone will still allow calls in from me and our home phone.)

So it is funny- he'll turn the phone off so his friends wont waste his minutes.
I'm impressed. He gets it!
Maybe having a phone will help him learn a little about money and budgeting and responsibility.

WE'LL see.
Sorry it has been months since I've faithfully blogged.
But don't you worry-- when all my family is gone-- you will get your fill and MORE of my thoughts and mindless wanderings.
You'll wish I didn't have so much time on my hands.


Amanda said...

I look forward to you blogging again. I've missed you! Your blog seems to be the only way I keep up, anymore. I seem to be left out of the loop of family information so this is my only source.

So enjoy your time with the family and have GREAT time but come back to those of us wanting to peek into your life through your blog :)

Love ya!

Ter said...

welcome back! Glad you had a good summer.

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