Friday, September 11, 2009

CRASH-less Girls Day

So the other day- I was off to town.... alone.
I was on a mission to buy a computer desk.

I had finally got fed up with our o-l-d computer desk- the beast-

a concotion of warped presswood my husband has had since his college-single years. (We thought it would eventually break in one of our 5 moves and have a good excuse to splurg on a new one.. but alas and alack... no... it is one of those dinosaurs that won't go down gently.)

Don't get me wrong- I completely try to comply with the pioneer motto
'Use it up-
Wear it Out-
Make it do---"

But sometimes instead of "do with out.." I like to substitute--- "We buy NEW!"

So anyway- I decided it was time-

and I had actually gotten a paycheck for and thought I would "invest back in my company"- by buying a place to sit and work...

so I got dressed to shoes... (so utter flybaby- which is my renew commitment on getting my house in order.)

but... in getting dressed to shoes-- reminded me of CRASH. (my friend who recently moved - and use to patrol my feet - putting me to shame whenever I stepped out of the house in my husbands footwear.)

If CRASH was around- I would have totally invited her along to make a day of it, but she's not available anymore and Martha is working now.. and Anjeny still has a little one home and that would be unnecessary torture to her daugher to make her drive on an extra 2 hour trip to town... so I was on my own.

I found a cute functional, desk at Office Max and on my way home remembered I needed to stop at a drug store.

I pulled into Walgreens and thought I would quickly get in and out. But once I was in... I realized... I have never had to leasure of strolling the eisles of Walgreens.

They should market this store as " ANy girls best friend"! They have everything you would ever need sister!

From grocery items to ample beauty supplies and clothing... it's like a good ol "Piggly Wiggly" I use to frequent while on my mission!

And then I saw THIS!--------->

And KNEW I had to run out to my car and document my girls day for CRASH. She TOTALLY needs this to fit in her new surroundings!

Satisfied with all my treasures I made my way out the store and low and behold... what did I see?? None other than Jamba Juice stairing at me!

Just across the parking lot...

I knew that CRASH might not be with me physically--- but I could still enjoy a good girls day.

So here's to you CRASH! Bottoms uP!
( And yes-- I know NOT the most flattering picture.)


Mamma Christine said...

What a fun day! I love flylady. Great program.

April said...

Crash would be soooo proud!!! You had matching girl shoes on!!! But sorry you had to shop alone. That stinks!

Sandi said...

cute toes....and shoes..haha. A girls day out by yourself can be fun, but it just wont ever be the same without Crash and your lovely ARBYS lunches..

The Crash Test Dummy said...


How funny that I just did a silicone implants joke yesterday and I hadn't even read this yet!

HIGH FIVE for being on the same wavelength. I felt like I was there. I love that you bought me bumpies. hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah

Oh girl, you ROCK hard.

And that photo of you slurping a Jamba Juice made my day. That is one cute photo. SIGH! I've been to that Jamba Juice and Walgreens so many times.



Congrats on your bc4b check! YES!!!!!

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