Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pumped for dinner

Now that I've got a plan on how to get over my dinner slump... I feel so empowered. ( I've gotten some great meal ideas already-- and it isn't even our swap night yet! Some of my friends and family are dinner professionals! I'm so glad they are willing to share their dinner time secrets with me.)

I'll share all the secrets after we meet in October!

I'm going to be better about blogging.
#1 cuz I love it--really
#2 because it gives me a moment to pause and reflect on my life and my comings and goings
#3 cuz some of the bloggin sisters I've met-- are so funny and creative and inspire me!
#4 because it gives me windows into the lives of my family and friends that I don't live near-- and opens a window to my friends and family who can't just talk to me through my actual window ( Hi Martha-- I hear you playing basket ball outside.)

So- after my ASL interpreting certification test-- on Tuesday-- I promise to be more diligent with my bloggin and sharing and visiting your blogs and such.

My certification test is Tuesday and Wednesday and I am excited and nervous. Being an interpreter requires thick skin and nerves of steel.

It's an odd profession for me. {I am amazed I like it so much-- but I do-- I LOVE it.} It is the one thing in life that I was born to do.

Do you guys have anything like that? (I'm sure everyone does.) Something that you were good at or something that just makes sense to you- the first time you tried it or saw it?

Like when I watch American Idol and people say they were " Born to sing" ... I believe in that feeling.

I remember falling in love with sign language the first time I ever saw it.

I can't remember if where I first saw it though-- if it was in school or at church.

I remember first learning it at school, from a deaf girl in my class. I sat behind her and was her "partner" in class for projects and such and I quickly started learning and studying ASL so I could talk to her myself and not use the interpreter...

But if the first time I saw it was as church--- well the love part might be mixed with my HUGE crush I had on the deaf boy in our congregation.

Oh he was cute! my first crush....
(Older too- my older brothers friend.)

And was I sad or disappointed when his parents asked me to start interpreting for him in Sunday school when I was good enough--???
Not one bit!
They couldn't have motivated me better to get proficient in sign language.

I dedicated time and attention so I could have a reason to sit and look at him all through church and follow him around with my puppy dog eyes.
(The poor poor guy.)

But he couldn't have minded too much--- I interpreted for him-- for years... ( I guess having a love-stricken girl as your interpreter is better than having your mom and dad in all your classes and church activities.

Yeah- so it is funny. People are always asking me now-- how did I learn sign language so well.
I was highly motivated as a teen! And then when I went onto college.. the choice of taking higher math ... or a language--- well.. I thought taking the sign language classes would be easy 4 credits of A's. I learned a ton too! About Deaf Culture and Interpreting.. so while in college I got certified as an interpreter. (thanks to the much prodding and encouragement of my father...)
So here I am 13 years later... brushing up on my skills... dusting my books off... studying to get certified again...

There are so many NEW signs.. When I went to school-- we didn't have email, texting, cell phones, internet, etc.. etc.. things now all student thrive on.. Having to learn those words along with facebook, you-tube, etc... when I fingerspell them, my client looks at me like, "??? you don't know that sign???" and I admit.. those things weren't around when I learned sign!!

Oh- my client gave me a cell phone number where I could reach him. I didn't think anything of it... then when I need to contact I thought-- how will this person talk on the phone?? {DUH!} it is for texting him!

Like I know how to text!!!
Another something I need to learn how to do on my phone---

I'll post again on Thursday--after my test is over....
pray for me!


Kristina P. said...

I will be pulling for you!

And I never thought about signs for all the new texting and Internet things.

Amanda said...

Good luck tomorrow! We'll be thinking of you and praying for a smooth test.

It was interesting learning about your inspiration to learn sign language :)

Emily said...

Good luck! I learned a little bit of sign language from BH also- I can still sign 'You smell like a dead skunk run over in the road'

Sarah said... texting IS good for something after all. I never would have thought about that...

Martha said...

Thanks so much for the cute b-day shirt. I know you'll pass the other part of your test.

Did you hear me bawl out D & E on your porch? Do they have to pick on a 4 year old? Makes me so mad. So I took away their straws and pens because I wanted E to suffer the natural consequences of his actions.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

That is so cute! SOOO cute! I didn't realize you loved it so much. It's your grail.

That's how I feel about writing.

And I need some dinner ideas!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

P.S. Your blog looks cuter every time I see it.

UK lass in US said...

I think that I've forgotten all the BSL my friend once taught me. I know what you mean about the 'new' words, though. My husband had me translating some German for him that was full of computer words that weren't even in my dusty old German dictionary.

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