Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thanks for all the Well Wishes!

Hey Peeps! I just want to say "Thank You" for all the well wishes!!
I was so incredibly nervous for my interpreting test and it is OVER!!!
{whew!} Big sigh of relief!

I passed the written-- yipeee!

And then the "performance" part of the test I had opportunities
to voice- for someone signing in a few different scenarios,
then sign while someone voiced in a few different "situations".
(They video taped me-- and will review and grade over the next 6-8 weeks.)

I felt like I did --my normal.

I was able to show my ability --( by no means was it perfect)
But there are 4 certification levels...(Level 2, 3, 4 and 5.)

So to ACE the test would be testing at a level 5.
I will be satisfied with Level 2
Happy/ thrilled if I am a level 3
and floored if I squeeked in at a Level 4

I am more excited to get the feedback...
I mean, I know where I feel I am strong and weak- but it is nice to get an outside perspective. Also when I practice... I know what I like practicing... so it would be good to see what I NEED to practice.

As a "thank-you" to my mentor for helping me prepare for this test... I made a set of cards for her.
(Not really a set--- but an assortment of cards.)
One night- I made a bunch of background cards.. and just couldn't come up with images.. or sayings I wanted.
It was just more fun- coming up with color combos.
At the time- i thought I was being so un-productive. But today- I was happy to pull out some of these 1/2 finished cards.
I think I will PLAN on doing this more often!
It was fun breaking the process into two play sessions. (Plus adding the sentiments took no time at all-- and required few supplies--- I didn't have to drag everything out to finish these cards.) Which is a bonus-- because I was meeting her for lunch today and hadn't thought to give her cards until the last moment.
I don't know why??
it's like DUH!!
That is my Signature Gift!
Why hadn't I thought of it sooner!?-- sometimes I'm s-l-o-w
I added a surfer dude to this card
and a brad...

This one- I added the "sentiment" which is actually a stamp with the sign for "friend" on it.
(I knew that stamp set would come in handy some day!)

Here's a Mahalo/Thank you card-- added the sentiment and ribbon.
(The color came out wonky--in the picture.)

And then I added a sign language " Thank you" to one and
added two more I had on-hand- to complete the gift.

Tomorrow I am making lunch with Anjeny and Isabel-- Isabel is teaching us how to make something wonderful-
I'll have to report on that later.
Last month was MY turn to teach/share a yummy meal and I taught them the Orange Glazed Porkchops. It's Isabels turn tomorrow.
Love this "international" cooking.
It is crazy fun having friends from all over the world.
They are soooo patient with me. I am sure I say and do things that are native... I mean I've never really spent any time outside the United States... but they are so open to my questions and so patient with my ignorance....


Sarah said...

Fingers crossed on the performance part!

And those cards a lovely- really like the one with the surfer dude!

abby said...

Fingers crossed!

abby said...

Duh, this is Emily- Abby has not started reading your blog as far as I know ;0)

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