Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Card Creations

I've been asked to host a Christmas Card making night.
I know.. I know.. I'm so flattered!
My creations are in such high demand!
lol- nothing could be farther from the truth-- I think they knew I would never host another card making night-- after the last one I hosted and no one showed up!
But here is my new favorite set from Stampin up! It's called Season of Joy- or something like that. What I like about it is... well it's got some swirls in it-- and as you all know.. I'm strangely partial to swirls.
This blue one is not my personal fav.. but it is my sons favorite one of the bunch.. so I thought I would keep it in the mix that ladies could make. I know I have one stampin- sistah that likes blue.

The next one-- green Christmas tree is my husbands favorite.
He likes Christmas cards with Christmas trees and they have to say... Christmas, not happy holidays or such..

(I found these big gold brads at Walmart- 100 for less than $3.00. I liked them so much- I used them in all the cards.)

I liked the blue in the first card- but thought the red was too harsh. I wanted to incorporate a traditional Christmas color in the blue card-- and I like the green better.

Lastly is the poinsettia card. I think this card is my favorite.
Very traditional colors- red and green, Merry Christmas...
I know very generic..
but it's kinda simple and sweet
........just... (blushing)
eh hem.. okay back to reality.

If you are a local friend--- you are welcome to come and make cards next Thursday night at 7pm. They are simple cards/few layers so it will be just a dollar/card with envelope to pay for supplies.
If you have scissors and glue sticks - I recommend you bring your own. Then you will be able to cruise without waiting to cut out flowers or such...
I have limited card stock in each color (enough to make a dozen or so of each card total.)-- so if you are planning to make TONS, give me a heads up so I can beg and borrow supplies from my Stampin UP sistahs Anjeny and Jocelyn.
I know it is not even Halloween yet!
Forgive the Christmas intrusion! Just- those of us who make our Christmas cards.. we have to start early if we ever hope to have them made and addressed and mailed before Christmas!
On a Halloween note: My youngest is sooooo excited. He has been practicing!
momma, momma! I say- "tick or teat" then he mumbles something about candy.. .then I say "tank-Y-O-U".
This year will be a fun year going around door to door. He has caught the vision- but is still in awe and wonder about "why?? do people give me candy?"


Anjeny said...

I like them all, although if I have to choose for a fav, I'd pick the last card. Not just because it's simple and sweet like you but I just love the color. It's making me totally excited about Christmas.

Emily said...

You know you can buy Christmas cards, right? You crazy crafters!

SWIRL said...

You can't b-u-y the love that goes into the making of each card... when you get my cards don't you just f-e-e-l the love that went into little fingers tying each bow, attaching each brad, painstakenly picking out nice color combinations...

common-- I know you do! ;0)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh, how sweet to see you and your cards again. And Anjeny and Emily.

I miss you all so much. And I'm uber sad that I won't be getting cards on my birthday anymore. :)

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