Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Deep Thoughts

You know normally I am not full of "Deep Thoughts" .
But I just thought some of you would like to know that October 15, is designated as 'Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day'.

I would have never had known about this day- if it weren't for my angel-nephew Gabriel. His short life and physical presence here on earth has made such a huge impact on so many. But especially ME.
Besides the private lessons of never taking for granted those who matter most... (Here's a great video: Click HERE To watch.) on this topic.)

His short life has spurred on extra projects of love and service.

This is a button to my sister's site. She has a network of women who share their stories and support each other.

But as far as changing me- I think it is common not to know how to help someone who is grieving. What do you say?? What can you do??? that could possibly make it any better? Ease the pain and sense of loss?

I've appreciated my sister's site- because the women share ideas of WHAT actually helps. And basically it is remembering. Not being afraid to speak their angel baby's name. It helps them- knowing- others remember them too.

Today while I was wasting time on Facebook/Farmville. I noticed a post by a long-lost high school friend who mentioned she was remembering her son who passed 7 years ago- today.

I was so excited to walk over to Temple Beach- "a place of quiet meditation".

Write her sons name in the sand for her.

Take pictures and then email her those
images to her.

Such a small simple task. Yet I know it means so much.

So if you know someone who has lost a baby... tomorrow would be a great day to give them a hug, send them a note, let them know you remember... because most of these women think about their angel babies more than you know.


April said...

Thanks for the reminder Swirl. I have a niece that lost a baby in childbirth just last month. I will write her a little note tomorrow.

Ter said...


Thanks to people like you, who have not had a loss, but are compassionate and are passionate about spreading the word, who show support, and in general are just wonderful people, makes it easier for people like me, who have had a loss, to continue on through this world.

I appreciate you speaking out about this subject, because who knows who you might reach. You might touch someone who's neighbor had a loss and that person might say 'oh, maybe I *should* talk about it with them.' People don't know how to behave, how to react... it's up to us, the parents to teach, and for people like you to help teach. I think coming from someone like you, as oppose to someone like me, the words are more validated because some people might thing "oh she's just grieving, and doesn't know what she's saying".

ah, anyway my long ramble is just a long about way of saying "thanks" :)

SWIRL said...

Ter-- thanks so much for your comment.. it is a sad truth-- people just don't know what to do or, what to say because you know anything you do or say-- wont make it any better.

Yet- I've found listening and supporting my sister has actually strengthened our relationship-- that if she kept silent, or I kept silent... we would have been robbed of the opportunity to be closer than ever...

But even when I was posting this-- I had second guesses to how it would be recieved... self DOUBT is such a thief!

Emily said...

Thanks for posting this! Love you!

UK lass in US said...

It's been almost 10 years now since my baby nephew passed away. What with him, my 6 year old cousin and 5 year old Diego, there's been far too many people that I know put through the worst pain imaginable.

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