Friday, October 9, 2009

Organizing & Planning/ Plotting

On our long drives to hockey 5 days a week- we started listening to the book: The Lightning Thief. My boys are really hooked.

Imagine my pleasure and surprise when I found out that the movie is coming out Feb. 2010! (You know how I love a movie to motivate my boys to read!) Since we listened to book one on tape-- we'll read the rest.

Short Summary:
This is the first in a series of books about a boy who realizes he is a "half blood". (Meaning= one of his parents is a Greek god.)
He thought he was just a troubled kid with ADHD and dyslexia. That those labels explained why he was such a poor student and had the worst luck of switching schools every year up to 6th grade. Now that he knows his biological father was none other than Poseidon, and his "learning disabilities" really are because he's wired to read Greek. His ADHD/ high energy is a must for survival in battle. And his bad luck? Well that is typical for heroes too. I mean, if monsters were stalking you since birth you might have a few mishaps yourself.

So that got me thinking...
what other movies are coming soon- that we should be reading now??

Disney is promoting A Christmas Carol coming out Nov 2009. Personally, I love this story. That was our school play in 5th and 6th grade.
( Not to brag- but I was cast as Bob Cratchet in 6th grade. I had memorized the entire PLAY! All the parts!)

So my Plan for Book Club is....
Start A Christmas Carol now.... (fitting with all the ghosts and such-- even if it is a Christmas Story.)

Then read The Lightening Thief during Christmas Break for the movie release in February. Some of the kids in our group have already read book one on their own.. so they can read book 2. (we'll have listened to it.) I don't know if the movie will be solely book one or a smattering of a few books. A friend of mine who has already read the series said the trailer looked like it was more than just book one.

And THEN!!! If your son hasn't read: How to Train Your Dragon--- that is a must! Son 1 has already read a few books in this series.. but a movie is coming out in March 26 2010!
Here is my book club outline for the first book.
How to be a Pirate- is book 2 in the series and here is my outline for THAT!

So exciting!
I also talked to our local Borders about hosting a boys book club in the store. They are interested in hearing more. I just need to formalize what I intend to do...
I was thinking of just doing my book club (with my boys) in the store and then march our way upstairs to see the movie. But it would be great to open it up to other kids who want to participate.
We'll see.

happy reading to all!


April said...

What a great idea! I will pass this on to my sister! the new look!!!

T said...

I love the Lightning Thief! All those Percy Jackson books kept my kids interested for a long time!!!

Sarah said...

There's also a "Fantastic Mr. Fox" movie coming out soon for the younger ones. Great idea structuring the reading program around the upcoming movies!

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