Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So- if you follow Hawaii news at all- you know that Furlough Fridays is a big controversy. Two Fridays of every month- the kids are out of school as part of budget cuts. I don't want to get into too much detail... it is what it is- or isn't.

But to make the best of it- I've thought long and hard about what we are going to do on our Fridays free from formal education. Instead of introducing new topics, I thought plugging through their homework packets and focusing on basic skills might be the best use of our time.
(and chores?? lets not forget that important part of my children's upbringing....)

I showed you our math dice. That has been a fun way to play and practice math facts (multiplication and addition).

For book club we are reading/ listening to the Lightening Thief and my oldest is starting to study Greek Mythology in 7th grade. He really is enjoying the stories of the different Greek gods.

We also started our word vines. (Learning about Greek and Latin roots of English words.) Instead of assigning "spelling words" I thought if we just talked about roots... that might be more helpful for my kids in the long run.

I started with bicycle then asked them, what is a tricycle and a unicycle?
We talked about the roots cycle = circle and then Bi, tri, and uni meaning two, three, and one.

Then we brainstormed about other words that have these roots and put them on 3X5 cards.
Each root having it's own 3x5 card
Uni- one
unicycle, universe, unity, uniform

Bi- two

trilogy, tripod, triangle, trident

cyclone, cyclops,

This Friday I want to take pod from tripod and find more words that use this root along with ops- from cyclops... so you can see how the words we find... lead to more root words and hopefully this will just continue to be a natural progression of learning roots and their meanings.

So to follow this general "theme"-- I thought we might make a lap book and gather all our studying into one folder. I found a great site that has flashcards for the Greek gods here. (We can play a memory game with them or "go fish" to help review who these characters are and their stories.)

Keep our root/vocab words in a pocket of this file folder... where we will continue to expand our learning of more root words.

I am a novice when it comes to lap books. But I think they are a great concept. I would have TOTALLY gotten into this type of project when I was a kid. This is my first attempt to creating one with my children. So I'll keep you posted on our progress.

My kids really love the book the Lightening Thief and they are already planning on reading book 2. (Can I hear a woot- woot? Hooking my boys to books with audio books and movies!! The movie of Lightening Thief comes out in February.)


Amanda said...

I tried calling you, but you never answer :) Call me! I have some great suggestions for you for Furlough Fridays and root word programs.

Stepi said...

Ok Laura, You are amazing! Why aren't you homeschooling?!! YOu do so much with them and have such great ideas, you would be the perfect homeschool mom.

I hope you are doing great! It's so fun to read your blog.

Emily said...

How about ipod? Ha!
I love lapbooks, I've never done one but I agree I would have been all over those. How cool are they (and how nerdy are we?)

T said...

I love your ideas!!! and how have I missed the Lightning Thief news until now?? I'm feeling extremely "out of it" these days... ah - I miss my old job :)

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