Friday, October 2, 2009

Weird School Series

Dan Gutman has a series of books that are silly and funny - perfect for 2nd graders.
We stumbled upon this series when son#2 was in third grade, he read most of the books. (The ones we could get from the library and find in our local book store.)

If you have a reluctant reader- you know.
When he got hooked to the series- there was no length I wouldn't go to- to find more!

Anyway- while at the store the other day- I saw another book in this series.
Mrs. Patty is Batty. It is a Halloween book following the favorite characters of AJ and his pals. AJ hates school and thinks the teachers and staff at his school are the weirdest. (Each book highlights a teacher or staff member.) Mrs. Patty happens to be the school secretary.

I read this story out-loud as a bedtime story. It was perfect. Light hearted, silly and short enough we could finish it in 2 nights. (94 pages or so.)

I've tried in the past to read longer books at night-- but people fall asleep at different stages and loose the plot and storyline. So I was searching for something smaller.

I can't wait until my son #3 is in 2nd grade. This would be a great series to read to his class! It would be fun to read a book--- then connect (compare and contrast) to the person at their school who has the same job or role!

I highly recommend this series for all kids!
I highly recommend Dan Gutman--- especially for reluctant boys. He has a couple of series, ranging in elementary age kids up to middle school.

(And between you and me-- Dan Gutman doesn't pay me a dime to say this. I promote his books because I stumbled upon him myself-- and he saved the reading lives of my children and my relationship with my children during reading times... .)

So pick up a book by Dan Gutman-- you wont be disappointed.
(Unless you pick up Hang-ten, that was the only book of his I didn't like. And it might be titled: Hang Time? But other than that one-- the rest are all AWESOME!.)

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Martha said...

Yeah, Nan read a lot of these books when she was younger.

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