Tuesday, November 24, 2009

blog-give away-- don't miss!

This isn't even MY blog give-away.. .it is from my stampin- sistah... / my soul sistah... on my "partner in crime" friend Anjeny's blog.

Here is what she is giving away--

A little bit of something that touches a nook and cranny into her different hobbies.
1. pampering herself-- with chocolates and bubble baths
2. creating cards
3. crafting with her sewing machine---
I kinda can't believe she didn't invite me over to sew the day she made this cute crayon roll up and matching tote... I mean... I TOTALLY always invite her over when I am planning some sewing project!
( partly because I don't own a sewing machine-- but more so-- because she is a sewing guru!)
So adorable! I want to make some of these for CHRISTMAS!! Anjeny!!! when will we do that??
Anyway-- go over and put your name in the comment box if you need a little perk!
Luv ya Anjeny!


Anjeny said...

Ahem...who's never home? NOT ME..ahahah. I had to throw this together, the shopping, sewing and making the cards all in one day. It was the most hectic thing I've had to tackle..I shopped in the morning, sewed in the afternoon in between running to doctor's office and picking up kids at school and then spent all night making the cards and box...that's the kind of prograstinator that I am. Had the idea for this give for months but like I said, being a prograstinator, I waited til the last minute.

You and I totally have a date with my sewing machine and our stamps after Thanksgiving, aight? Now cheer up!!

Thanks for linking my give-away.

Emily said...

Yay! hope I win! Max would love a pretty princess crayon tote! lol

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