Saturday, November 28, 2009


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"An Accomplished" Sign Language Interpreter.

I got the results back -- of the certification test I took 10 weeks ago!
There are 4 levels of certification here in Hawaii... Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5.
(Being a level 1 means you are still a student and not qualified to really interpret anything yet.)

I'm a level 4! a FOUR!
I was very pleased with the results.
But I think it is interesting- now that I am trying to find blogs of interpreters... but interpreters I guess don't blog about work.

I mean- Yeah- I know the code of ethics and all... keeping everything work related confidential.
But interpreting is such a fascinating career- I would be very interested to learn about other interpreters and their experiences. How they keep up to speed on new signs? How do they continue to progress professionally?

just thought I would share my exciting news.
I think my husband is starting to tire of my saying... "I'm accomplished".


Ter said...

awesome! I am always excited to hear of more hearing people learning sign language. I grew up oral because my family refused to learn sign language, but while I'm happy I can speak English and use my voice, I wish I had had sign language growing up. When I moved out on my own, I learned it and had interpreters in college, which made my college experience much better than high school or other grades. I find my own signing is not up to par sometimes. When I sign with my deaf friends I understand them better than I can sign to them, but they seem to understand me haha! :) Anyway, way to go and good for you!! :)

Emily said...

yay! that's awesome- congrats!

Jami said...

That is fantastic! You are so accomplished. :D

T said...

You ROCK! and I think you're allowed to mention that you're accomplished as many times as you want for at least a week... after that maybe he should take up the chant :)

April said...

CONGRATS!!! That is awesome! I think that calls for a dinner out with your hubby. But don't sign it. Tell him!

Sarah said...

Good on ya, Swirl!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy for you! And proud. You are going after your dreams. And how cute you are wanting to discuss the fascinating in's and out's of sign language. Maybe you can break ground in the that arena like you did in the book club 4 boys arena. If you're wanting to share, there must be other interpreters out there who want to share.

I MISS YOU SO MUCH TOO! And your cute boys. Give them all hug for me. How is the bishop wife doing?

Martha said...

Awesome Laura, I need to make you some non chocolate cookies to congratulate you. Or how about bread. Yeah, that would be good.

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