Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did you see??

Oh My!
Did you see this?
(okay- sorry I don't know how to add it directly to this post-- but go watch it!)
It is a bit old news... but I just saw it yesterday for the first time...
the footage of a Women's Soccer Game gone - ugly.

(It caught my eye-- because it involved BYU-provo, our sister-school here in Hawaii... and I thought: "Oh Dear.. what happened now??" Thankfully- the unsightly maneuvers were not from players on BYU.)

I didn't realize how physical soccer is! The common elbows and tripping...
it is rough..
just the normal stuff you can do while trying to get the ball!
- Another reminder why I didn't play soccer growing up.

I am not competitive.
Don't get me wrong-- I like sports..
but I don't have the killer instinct.
I'm willing to let someone take a shot on goal {or hoop...}
I'll try to block --once the ball is shot..
but I don't try to take out the player while in the motion of shooting...
(probably why I spent most my time on the bench during HS basket ball.)

But putting all my emotional baggage aside....

This video was so disturbing-- so of course I've watched it about 20 times.
I just can't stop thinking about it.. and then I start thinking...
' no.. it couldn't be as bad as I am remembering.... '
so I go back and watch it again...

I have a few things to say:

First: I am thankful my ugly moments have never been caught on tape. I mean that other player is seriously in the wrong- and could use some anger management coping techniques, but the poor girl has to see it over-and- over and over and now the whole world has seen it and will people give her the space to grow and move on??? I mean- how humiliating? But if she didn't realize how out-of-control she was... then perhaps this is a good "wake-up call"...

Second: I have to applaud the BYU team. Not only DIDN'T they fight back and retaliate
they stood their ground.
They didn't get intimidated.
They went on to confront her again and again and take the abuse.
They are some tough cookies!
(cuz at first glance-- they don't look that physically intimidating.. I mean... I'm just saying.... they are all willowy figured and cute.) But NO! They stood firm!

I am so impressed by that!
How many times have I let other people make me feel bad?
(just with their words... not actually punching me in the face or pulling my hair so hard I fall to the ground....)

I have stronger resolve now.
To stand up and stand my ground when I feel I am in the right.

Well done BYU Cougars!
Next time I get stiffed at the drive thru... I am pulling around until they get my order right!

Hope everyone is doing great!


Ter said...

To put a video in your blog post, click the embedded code, copy it, and then paste it in your post when you are writing it up.

I never did see that or hear of it. Man that girl should have been called out of the game much sooner. I can not believe the violence one person enforced in the game. The other team's players were not even provoking her or anything. They weren't even looking at her or talking in her direction. It appeared totally unprovoked and was entirely unnecessary! (and even if it had been provoked, it would still have been wrong! )

April said...

That girl was kicked out for the rest of the season. The BYU team has been questioned for not "coming to the aid of a team mate". When I saw this, I said to my hubby that we are taught differently than "the world". I am so proud of those girls and that they didn't retaliate!

T said...

a great teammate doesn't necessarily mean that they will "come to your aid" in the sense of tackling the other team... hmmm... maybe THIS is why I should steer clear of sports. Oh, and that minor little clumsy as an ox thing...

If the drive-thru stiffs me I usually go in with the wrong meal - and walk out with all sorts of food because they usually won't take back the wrong stuff. I should start ordering less because they ALWAYS get it wrong!

Kritta22 said...

I am totally embarassed to live in New Mexico right now! That is just down right dirty!!


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