Tuesday, December 29, 2009

(Baby/mini) Tri- For -FUN- athon

One of my good friends had a birthday Monday. She told me about 4 months ago- for her 44th birthday she wanted to do 44 daring things. One of which was do a triathlon. Well - I personally love triathlons and not to brag... but I have done 4. (2 in college where I did the whole distance (a total of 26 miles) doing all three events- Swim, Bike, Swim.) I didn't break any records. But it was more a personal sense of satisfaction. The last two I did were as part of a team. Once I was the running leg, and the last I was the swimming leg of the team.

Anyway- enough bragging - when Beth said she wanted to do one- I was all for making this birthday wish come true. We decided to host our own. (Since all the triathlons here in Hawaii require OPEN WATER swims... and biking along Kam Hwy... and are on Sunday.)

Believe it or not- this picture was at the end of our race. We look pretty refreshed no?

Emily (sistah in the CRUSH shirt) blogs, ""It was the friendliest triathlon ever, as we waited for each other at the end of each event, took pictures, and talked as we went. The bike ride was especially relaxing as we breezed our way through the neighborhoods of Laie."

That was fun- cheering each other on-- we definantly could improve the 'transitions' into the next event.

Here we are- starting before daylight our swim at BYU pool.

It was so much fun- all day I had a tired sense of accomplishment and slight body aches but I was able to get up this morning and go for my usual run with my friend Julie ( in the black shirt). She is training for the Aloha run in 6 weeks.

I haven't committed. I still feel like I am pushing a wall- every time I run. When you are not in shape running is grueling. There was a time- in time gone by- when I was in shape and ran for fun. Seems like a million years ago- but I hold to that hope that one day (and hopefully soon) I will feel good while I run and not just after the run.

Next year- we talk about doing one of these baby/mini- Tri-For Fun- Athons for each of our birthdays... maybe we'll be able to increase the distances...and a year from now be able to do a real one!


Ter said...

I wish I lived near you because (a) I'd be warm year round, and (b) so I could join you on a tri-for-fun-a-thon!

(although, I have a bit of weight to lose, okay a LOT of weight to lose, and I have bad knees, but I've always wanted to be a runner)

Brandi said...

You go Girl!! wow I am really impressed, how fun and memorable...you could be at the start of something big here!!
Congrats and Happy New Year

Emily said...

You're my hero!

Amanda said...

Ditto! I totally look up to you, Laura. I envy your drive and determination in everything you do.

I've always thought I'd like to run, but then I do it and just hate it 10 seconds later LOL

What a fun way for you all to end the year.

Kathy said...

Hi, Laura! This is such a great idea! Man, that's awesome. I don't know if I've ever actually liked running WHILE running but I do like it when I'm done. Good luck whatever next ones you do!

Hey, by the way, we are having our 4th! boy in April! Drinking your water last year must have done something to me! :)
-Kathy Brooks

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