Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Eve Service Scavenger Hunt

This years Scavenger hunt sheet- I decided to make it more festive.
We are going to invite the townhouse kids over in the afternoon
have them go on the service scavenger hunt and then come back to our house for some muddy buddies. Last year it was fun to hear the kids share stories of who they served and what they did.
Now off to get my car washed by my neighbor! Love this season of service!
Merry Christmas!


T said...

I love this idea - really! I might need to print it out and set our neighborhood to work. (I could probably fill in a few stars myself if they'd help out in my insane kitchen!)

Brandi said...

Hey we are going back to California, real estate has dropped of horribly, just have to wait until out commercial property. We were in escrow in November but it fell thru? Living out of boxes!HAppy for the sunshine...Merry Christmas

Sarah said...

That's a lovely idea, Swirl! It makes Xmas less about consumerism and presents, and more about ACTUAL giving. Great job!!!

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