Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas musings

I'm lovin my digital Studio from SU!
I'm still trying to figure everything out- but it's sure fun to play with!

My side of the family- decided to make CD's to exchange this year. I thought it was such a fun idea.

This is the "cover" for our family CD.
My 12 year old is going to burn our disk- since I have no idea how to do that. (He is also going to do that for my sister-in-law/brother who have no idea how to do it either.)

But I can't wait to get the CD's from our family- to hear their family favorites.

It will probably sound like a hodge-podge... with each person picking one or two of their favorites--

Actually- now that I think of it- I should just have my son burn ONE disk for the whole extended family. Each person just email us the fav songs and I can arrange them into similar "groupings". Songs from cousins- ages 0-4 yrs old, 5-8, Pre-teen-teens, and adults....

Anyway- I just thought it was a great idea, more personal than the usual "gift card". I come from a creative family- last year my sister thought of the "Family Boxes" we exchanged last year. That was alot of fun. I won't mention any names... but were still waiting to get ONE family box. You can read about that idea: HERE. It's great if you live far from family and would like to get to know cousins better.

I am busy planning a Christmas eve party for BYU students who aren't going home for the holidays. I'm thinking easy- finger foods. Students I think will be "dropping in" so we aren't going to have a SIT DOWN dinner. Meatballs, pupus as they are called here "finger foods". We are going to decorate cookies, play some board games, and hopefully hear some international traditions from the students. Then right before we put the kids down- read the Luke 2 story.

I just got a great gift from our neighbors. They did this last year too. They dropped off a coupon/card to take our car to their house on Tuesday for a FREE car wash! ( I know for those of you who live where it is below 0... you are thinking WHAT??) I think that is a great idea though-- a family service project for your neighbors.

Last year I hosted a Service Scavenger Hunt on Christmas Eve day. (the kids were just SO EXCITED for Christmas and HYPER and under toe-- while I was trying to clean and cook and prepare for Christmas Eve festivities. Some of the kids in the neighborhood have asked if we are going to do it again. I can't believe I almost forgot! You can read about that {here}. It was fun and many neighbors appreciated the help and diversion for the kids.

So Merry Christmas! I love hearing / reading what everyone else is planning!


Ter said...

I've been wondering about that digital package from SU. Maybe I'll try it!

I like the cd idea too. :) I do wish I could hear better so I could enjoy music more but I do like what I do hear. :)

Williams Family Paradise said...

Love the ideas!!wisremendhing you a Merry Christmas

Williams Family Paradise said...

I meant wishing you??sorry

Amanda said...

In my defense, I was prepared to mail in February when your mom brought i back from Andy's but she told me not to because she was going to Hawaii and could take it with her. Then her bags were full. Then she told me not to mail it again because everyone was going over in July and August and surely someone will have room...then no one had room. We've been sick since the first week of September and I have been really overwhelmed from being cik for so long. So I have valid excuses, it's Al who has no excuse :)

We decided to ship it off with our music CD so you'll get 2 Christmas gifts at once.

T said...

what a fun idea - and of course you've reminded me that I have yet to send the letter my in-laws requested each of us write... a little something about what we've learned this year... yikes - that will either be LONG and touching or a perfect way to prove that I never learn from my mistakes!

SWIRL said...

Amanda!! I said I wasn't going to mention ANY names!!!

This was your great idea this year! I love it!

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