Friday, December 18, 2009

My oldest son just hosted his OWN book club! Yippee!

I am trying to "wean" him from me planning and organizing and leading the book club discussion and making the treats, and coming up with the ideas, etc. etc. etc.

He made the calls- reminded friends

Asked if they could munch on the many Christmas Cookies I've been baking

Thankfully Anjeny stayed behind.... (when she dropped off son and friend)

The boys needed a bit of "re-directing" back to the topic of books.
We read the first chapter together and made a reading schedule.
(5 chapters a week- they decided.)
Sounds like a good plan.
Well- I'm off to shuttle boys hither and thither.
Hoping everyone is happily planning and enjoying moments of the season!


Brandi said...

What fun for you...good job Mom!
We are still here in boxes and in Limbo, not sure when our escrow will close .We should know this week! wishing you and your sweet bundle of boys a Happy and Joyful Holiday
Love Brandi

Jami said...

That's a huge deal. Congrats on teaching your boy to fish!

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.

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