Monday, January 25, 2010

Books that go along with Scouting- NEW Feature!

Here is a NEW Feature at!

As a mother, I know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed with all the
Must do.....
Should do ....
and Wish I could find time to do... .
items on my daily TO DO list.

Some of you think, "Hosting a Book Club for my son is a great idea... " but answering all the when? how? what? It is easy to get overwhelmed.
It is tempting to just put it off to the magical day when "we won't be so busy".

As I've been hosting book clubs for my sons, I've made a connection between the FUN- ACTION oriented activities offered by Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and BOOKS.

You heard me right sistah!

When I am previewing a book for book club- I get soooooo excited when I realize
I don't have to think of fun games and activities for our book club meeting.

Activities are already planned!

AND when we do them for book club---- my boys are working on SCOUTS at the SAME TIME!!! (is that beautiful or what?)

We are passing off electives and achievements...
while having fun...
while rewarding them for reading a book!
PLUS these activities help them RELATE to what they were READING!

It is such a WIN- WIN situation!

So if you haven't started a book club for your child... but you take the time to do scouts...
You are already do fun activities!

And if you are a DEN mother--- then REALLY you must! You are ALREADY hosting a group WEEKLY!!?

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