Saturday, January 2, 2010

I could have Stamped all night.....

My goal was to use scraps--- and just have fun. I pulled out my Stampin Up! Catalogs to get some inspiration. They have lots of examples of cards and projects: even though I don't own all the stamp sets-- I can still use elements from the cards pictured-- the layout/ or color combinations.

For this card I hid the punched out parts of this scrap with the main image of the card. ( sshhhhh- no one will know!)

I really liked the simplicity of this card- with the happy little flowers on the bottom. I used the same color scheme- but different stamp set.

This one I copied exactly- I DO OWN this set!

Then I got wild and crazy on my own!
The butterfly card: I only had a few scraps of turquoise, but I had ribbon to match.. it's a keeper.

I made a few variations of this card. One with dark purple card stock as the main card color. Another few with pink being the accent color. I really really liked this lay-out.

Then a bunch of cards- using the scraps- to punch out a window and stamp an image inside. Really adorable.
I made over 60 cards. ( in the last 2 days.)
Amazing- pathetic- ummm... I'm not sure what the right word is-- or if it is anything I really should be proud of....
But today- besides uploading the pictures--- I've been catching up on housework & laundry... and cleaned one bathroom, vacuumed the living room and took down all the Christmas decorations.


Amanda said...

I love your cards! you have quite a talent :)

I especially like "embrace life"

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness! My computer is about to die so I hope this comment makes it.

MISS YOU! LUB YOU! I lub seeing all your cards again. Kinda gives me a lump in the throat. I better go clear it.

Brandi said...

I miss card nights!!!
I wish timing and finances were different for me ,but your post does make me want to break out the stampin up stuff and PLAY..
Happy Sunday

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