Friday, January 8, 2010

I double Dog - DARE you!

I've had my first day home
Kids back in school....
No work today--
so what did I do?
bake cookies from scratch?
You'll never guess!
I'll tell you.
I cleaned my refrigerator out and shined my sink!
(am I so Fly baby or what?)

This is THE only cleaning/ decluttering program that has ever worked for me.

It's all about baby steps.

Shining your sink is step one

getting dressed to your shoes is step two

It's about establishing routines.

Anyway- I was pretty proud of myself.. that I didn't stop at the sink..

but made my way to our gross refrigerator.

Okay- but the dare part.. sorry I meandered mentally...

I was so proud of myself- I've spent the rest of the afternoon-

blog surfing!

Reconnecting with other bloggers!

Luv finding new zany people in the blogsphere...

I found TWO DARES I want to join.

52 Books in 52 weeks


The Love Dare.

I haven't heard... what are you up to?

This is my official "summary" for book one of this years dare 52 in 52.
Written by Marla Cilley aka The Flylady
Sink Reflections is for the overwhelmed
Disorganized and
those living in Chaos.
She is not a natural writer- but the book reads like a converstation with a good friend/ mentor.
Someone who truly wants you to live your best life.
She's funny and more important-- HELPFUL.
She helps you pace yourself in reclaiming your home and encourages "BABY STEPS"
"Your house didn't get dirty in a day- it wont get clean in one either."
She hits the heart of the problem--CLUTTER and helps you sort through the emotional baggage of why we keep it.
I was a flybaby in 2003 and really got our house in order (within about 6 months of living her ideas.) Our house stayed that way until we moved here.... then Chaos crept back in my life with the move- bedrest- a new baby- another move- etc...etc..
So I dusted the book off- and reread it to motivate myself to be a faithful flybaby again.


Queen "B" said...

Hey, you totally had me at Double Dog!!
you crack me up and hey I hope to make a card night with you and AJ! hopefully, trying to get work, but loving my blogsphere, it has really helped me during my craziness with moving or staying??? looks like we are here until further notice, I am considering doing Hair out at Turtle Bay Spa? we'll see, love your post and I hope to see you soon

Sarah said...

Hmmm... I think clutter may be my problem, too. I tend to keep all my art/craft stuff around me in my room...

Daisy said...

A book to help with clutter? Does that add to the book clutter? LOL.

Sounds like a good book actually.

SWIRL said...

I think creativity and clutter go hand and hand. My husband can't figure out why we have so much "junk" around... but to me.. I see it's potential.

Each little piece of "junk" has potential to be something really cool- if I just had the time to be a little creative with it and give it some TLC...

if only , if only...
But I agree.. all the stuff in our living space drives me batty too!
So out with the clutter! unless I can find a really sneaky place to stash it!

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