Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a spark-tacular New Years! Personally- I stayed in my Pajamas playing boardgames and watching a movie with my family... just the way I like it! We got a really fun game for Christmas called Ticket to Ride.
(Thanks Nicole!)

It is a quick and easy game to learn and fast moving- so great for short attention spans. I highly recommend this game~
I am so excited!
It is a New Year.
(You know how I like Mornings and Mondays- new beginnings... the start of a new day, or new week... )
So you can imagine how much I love the 1st of January!
So far every day this year I've ....
gone running
gotten dressed to shoes (as a flybaby)
and blogged
and I haven't had a single soda!
(Vanilla Pepsi is my favorite- but can't find on the island anymore so I figure- what's the point? When I drink other kinds- they are not my favorites and are just a waste of money and calories.... ) wipe a tear and bow a head... as I accept reality and I mourn the loss of my favorite beverage...
my kids taunt: "We'll see how long this lasts...."

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