Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a NEW Year- Start a Book Club for YOUR Boy!

So there is a buzz in the air- as I talk to my boys about the fun of setting goals.
As they talk about things they want to work on- why does it NOT surprise me- not one of my boys is interested in setting a reading goal?

hum --- must I still jump through hoops to get them to pick up a book? Unfortunately YES! Some boys ( and girls for that matter) just don't like to read. I know I didn't when I was going to school.

Happily- in December, when my kids first started Winter break they each asked when their next book club was and "what are we reading?"

They aren't into reading... yet... ( I am still hopeful) but they do like their book clubs. So if you can relate. Why not try starting a book club for your reluctant reader? What's stopping you?

If you are interested in starting a book club for your child check out my tips HERE

If you would like to see what books we've done in the past you can look...

HERE for Confident Readers (5th grade- and higher reading levels)

HERE for Independent Readers ( 2-4 grade reading level)

HERE for Beginning Readers ( K- 1st grade reading level)

If you have an older child with lower reading skills-- be sure to check out my ideas HERE on how to motivate them to read.

These are the books we are currently working on in our own clubs.
Leviathan I will be posting our review late February. The publishers actually made a trailer to help reluctant readers connect to the characters and plot! You can see that HERE. I thought that was very cool! (My 13 year old is reading this with his friends. They are meeting every 3 weeks to discuss as they read through the book. I am excited to see this group start leading their own discussions and such. )

My 10 year old is reading The Lightning Thief. The movie comes out in February. Move book clubs are the easiest to host. So if you are interested in starting a book club.. this would be a great selection to start with. Pass out the books and then set a date that the group will go see the movie in the theaters! Then after go out for ice cream or such and discuss/compare how the book was different or similar to the movie.

My first grader is reading this next selection, Pirate School . I just ordered copies for his club. It is a really cute book and an easy reader. I haven't planned our book club yet-- but I predict a treasure hunt & map as one activity.

Happy Reading!


Sarah said...

Pretty good lists you've got there. I'll have to try and track some of those books down over the next few years for when I become a teacher...

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

I so love what you do for boys! I don't think they receive enough attention in education, so thanks! Great ideas.

Hey, come check out my blog today. You got an award from me!

Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner?

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