Friday, January 15, 2010

Round Up - HELP!

As some of you know- I have a Book club Round Up page... where I am trying to gather "like minded" parents and educators who are forming and hosting book clubs for kids.

I give away free stuff from time to time-- when free stuff comes my way. ( A book give away next month!)

I would LOVE for it to be a page where we can share our book club outlines! Get ideas from other parents who are doing the same thing!

So I have a contact form: people can fill out and I got this message....

Name: Suzanne
Email: Christensen
Name of Book Club: Warriors
Message: We have met for almost a year- all 3rd grade age boys. We were inspired by your site! Is there a place to post the books we have done and activities? It would be great to share!

Suzanne- if you ever find your way to my blog again! Please give me your FULL email so I can respond! I would love to post your book ideas and activities!!!


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