Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I do this all the time...
and wish I didn't.

When I plan a meal--- I never think about what color the food is. I mostly think.. what will taste good with ... what?

This was a casserole of chicken lasagna, homemade rolls (note the subtle hint of pride as I mention Homemade... ) and then a can or corn.. warmed in the microwave to be our token vegetable for dinner.

How un appetizing can I possible present this?
On a yellow plate?

I didn't notice it until I finally sat down to eat with the family.
One of the kids says, "oh no.. not the yellow meal..."

Everything tasted yummy enough--
we just had to rely on our children's colorful language to give us variety that night.

Oh - we started a cute tradition last week.
I bought a few bags of valentine chocolates shaped in hearts.. and put them in a large container. On it .. it says...
"Have I done any good in the World today?"
"Have I helped anyone in need?"
Then we go around the table and answer those two questions..
and they can pick a heart out.
It's amazing how chocolate can inspire goodwill & service.

off to hockey...


Queen "B" said...

Hey that was really cute it gave me a laugh out loud!1 I needed that today, you are awesome, you go girl

Judy said...

We sometimes laugh about monotone meals here, too! That's a great idea with the chocolate!

Carl said...

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