Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Clever Title

I am so brain fried... I couldn't think of a clever title for today's post.

So Sorry.

Tonight is our Blue & Gold/ Pinewood Derby!

Yours truly is the new Cub Scout Committee Chair!

I've been making awards, cooking food and helping put final touches on my sons derby car.

(This morning it was still a block of wood-- with a slight angle cut.)

Today was a good day-

I was very overwhelmed with our laundry mound...

so I called my husband and proposed we

sneak off campus for a lunch date.

Subway-splitting a $5/foot long

That was alot of fun.

15 years ago when we were still in school

and I was working as an interpreter

and he was studying to be an accountant

I said,

"I hope some day we will work at the same campus

and be able to have lunch together

and commute together"


We're livin the dream.

It's just as good as I thought it would be.

Anjeny wrote up a great post: summarizing our Friday


(she's a better storyteller.)
And remember my post about my yellow meal?
I didn't realize it -- but our Friday dinner was a GREEN MEAL!

That is really spooky!

(that is something my mom would say)

* Yes the rice was tinted green with some seasonings... there was a green sauce on the steaks and then the Zucchini's... that is their natural color-- I can't help that!

But is that strange? Should I be worried? Does anyone else ever do this? Very strange!


Queen "B" said...

maybe you have a theme for a cook book of colored meals in the making?
I can't say I have these experiences, but it's possible that I just havn't noticed??hmmmm???
I like the cookbook idea..with photos!
why not?..hey BYUHWO luncheon tomorrow, love to see you:)

Amanda said...

HA! your mom was talking about your color-coded meals just this evening. She was making one herself as she was preparing dinner for a new baby's family. LOL

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Go GREEN! haha I read Anjeny's post. Awww, so cute to see you guys again. Your hair is so long. Hers too.

I miss your mom, btw.

Love that you're living the dream. hee hee And love that your post was like a poem.

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