Thursday, February 4, 2010

Promoting Peace

This post isn't meant as a guilt trip.

I met an amazing woman.
She seems by appearance- quite ordinary.
A musician who once had a dream of backpacking in Europe.

Little did she realize - her trip to Europe would turn into a
life mission of bringing music to children in war torn countries.

You can visit her site and organization by clicking HERE.

Today- while listening I felt very small
and yet my mind and perspective was enlarged.

Did you know- that children are now the TARGETS in war?
It is sickening.
She helps them heal and deal with their war past through music.

I know there is much media over Haiti- and with reason.
If you are like me- you get a dozen of calls a week from organizations asking for donations.
It is easy to be overwhelmed with all the NEED in the world.
Easy to feel helpless
unable to make a difference
"I can't help everyone- everywhere in the world..."
easy to do nothing
sometimes I am overwhelmed with just raising my own kids
Yet I heard a quote that motivates me to do something--
even if all I can do is blog about it to pass along the information...

"To the world- you might just be one person.
But to one person... you might mean the world."

I like that. I don't have to change the world.
Just do what I can do

Every day try to answer the question: "Have I done and good in the world today?"
And as far as donations go-- I've made a little money from my blogsite: I made a small donation from that account. I like the idea- that my mission to promote reading can help her mission for promoting peace. Kinda cool.

A few years ago our kids wanted to donate money to a special cause-- and my husband and I really felt we didn't have any money to spare.

But not wanting to let the opportunity pass- we agreed any spare change we could find in the house, car, etc... we would collect and donate.
If I remember correctly- we found over $20 worth of change-- just floating around our house! (under couch cushions, coin purse, jewelry box, in junk drawers, behind appliances, in the car, etc.....)

Tomorrow for our furlough Friday activity- we are going to clean and do the same for Haiti.
I truly believe giving small is better than not giving at all. HeY- that rhymes!

Anyway wishing you all gentle days...
kiss your little ones
hug your big ones


Amanda said...

I've been feeling overwhelmed as I read about Haiti and feeling like we can't contribute much to help out. Then I realized that I can help! I know the church donates supplies such as hygiene kits during times like this so we're working on a family project to put hygiene kits together. When we're done, we'll drop them off at the Bishop's storehouse and the next time a truck comes through DC they'll load them up and replenish their stores for the next emergency.

Maybe I'm not directly helping a family in Haiti at this very moment, but I feel like we're helping prepare families for the next big disaster that the church marches off to.

SWIRL said...

That is so great Amanda!
I think doing something... anything... no matter how small... is a great gesture and keeps our hearts compassionate.

Thanks for sharing! I wanted to post about this ... but didn't want it to be a big guilt trip ... I love hearing your idea!

April said...

We have a change jar that all of our change goes into at the end of the week from our pockets and my purse. Haiti is definitely a worthy cause right now! Like Amanda said, if you are close to a DI too, they can use the help with their kits as well!

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