Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Unique AWARD

I have to admit- I don't usually follow the rules to these
"Blog Awards" but when I was awarded this one...

I had to blush... the Manly Librarians at this blog are HE-larious!
I wish I lived near them.. I think .. my boys would be inspired to read more if we could frequent their Library.

You have to go over and visit to see what I mean.

Now to properly recieve it I have to post:

1. Favorite Guy Book - Harry Potter series!
2. Favorite Sports Moment - Miracle on ICE!
3. Favorite Manly Sweaty Movie - I Spy
4. Favorite Manly Sweaty Music - ?? My kids singing Eye of the Tiger on Rock Band.
5. Manly Favorite Food With No Nutritional Value - PIZZA. (but it kinda has nutritional value.. no? At least that is what I tell myself.)

Now to nominate 10 other blogs: (These are either literary blogs I follow, OR Funny Moms with boys blogs.)

My sister- HERE

1 comment:

T said...

awesome award - you deserve it! I've sent a few friends over lately as we discuss a neighborhood book club for the kiddoes...

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