Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

I hope everyone had a great Valentine weekend!
Friday night - my cooking club friends-
got together and we made dinner for our valentines.

Anjeny took pictures...

the meal was DE-LISH!

So my duties were: buy steaks, prepare our specialty drink and dessert.
Anjeny - made appetizers, and a side dish of fried zucchini
Isabel- was in charge of cooking the steaks in some Argentinian way and some yummy rice side dish.

It was so much fun! Isabel and her husband ended up not coming- she had prepared her portion of the meal.. but her husband called on his way home from work/school and told her he had gotten Jon Bonjovi tickets!!! She felt horrible on skipping out on us... I told her no sweat (especially since she was still bringing her food over-- I don't know how to make Argentinian Steaks!!) I told her.. if it were professional hockey tickets... we would have done the same thing!

So it turned out to be just Anjeny & Husband and Me & My husband.
It was so much fun! Very relaxing. (Kids were out of the house- our 4 year old was being watched by Anjeny's daughter.)

It was funny yesterday- the college boys in our home brought their girls over. The boys had bought their girl friends earrings.

The girl friends asked me what I got for Valentines day and I said,
"oh.. I'm still waiting for my earrings.... but if I don't get them today...
It's okay... I'll just get them tomorrow when I'm in town.... I know how much my husband likes to spend on me." :0)

My husband cringed. I didn't see it-- but I heard him in our eating area give a low groan...
I admit- was being a brat.
But I think it is good for these girls to see... the difference between "COURTSHIP" and what it's like when you've been married 14 years.

I might have gotten sentimental and emotionally bent out of shape when we were married one of two years... but now... it's not a big deal. We show each other every day we love each other.... I don't get wrapped up on holidays.. expecting special gifts.

The Specialty drink was a Lime Slushy... so yummy.
3 cups pineapple sherbet, 1/3 cup lime concentrate , 3 cups milk... blended together...
It is so refreshing!

Dessert - was brownies (cut out with a heart cookie cutter) with ice cream and drizzled chocolate sauce.


Anjeny said...

I am not even going to admit that I was a bigger brat than you are..LOL. I did get earrings with a Teddy Bear but like I said, I was a bigger brat, didn't even tell Kev how much I like my gift. I know, I hung my head in shame.

We had fun Friday night..Kev was bragging to anyone who asked what we did for Valentine, he recounted every detail of our date night..LOL.

Sarah said...

Having a relaxing dinner without the kids?*sigh* I'd consider that a pretty good Valentine's Day when compared to how things go in my family! (considering Mum got called out to work three times last weekend, and Dad proved his incompetence in the art of romance yet again-see my blog for more details...)
And that meal sounds absolutely divine...lucky you!

Amanda said...

That sounds like so much fun! Good for you, guys!

Martha said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Too bad I'm never invited to your fun parties.

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