Thursday, February 18, 2010

We've got our Lightening thief book club tomorrow!
Going to see the movie in the theaters.

Wearing our cool book club T-shirts.
(If you are IN the book club- I have the shirts and will pass them out before. It will be
random which shirt you get... or
should I say we'll leave it for the fates to decide
which cabin you belong to!)

The word on the street is
- it's "nothing like the book"!
This review comes from a 10 year old on my sons hockey team.

I'll admit- I am just as excited to go as the kids.
and NO- I didn't see Twilight with a matching T-shirts
but if YOU did-- then you can understand why this is fun for the kids..
to be in a club, go see the movie as a group, etc...

If you need ideas for a book club- be sure to check out my site


Amanda said...

Al & Connor saw the movie and both commented on how it differed from the book, by a lot! They didn't have cool cabin shirt to get them in the spirit, though :)

Al's review was that it is a great movie, just not like the book. Which was perfect for us because Connor was asking why he had to read the book if the movie was coming out and this was a good way to make a point.

Have a great time!!!

T said...

I read the book years ago - and don't think I'll do a re-read before seeing the movie because I've heard negative reviews from the kids I know who've read it and RAVE reviews from those who hadn't bothered... go figure.

WV says theexuse - nope, no excuses here, sorry!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

So, so, so? Do tell? Did you get an earful all the way home about how they changed the entire plot and left out all the really important people and stuff, like the bathroom scene? Oh, I did. But I loved hearing it because it was the first time ever that all four of my kids had actually read a book before they saw the movie.

I thought the movie was cute though. But then I haven't read the book yet.

Hey,do tell the drama in the hood. Don't hold out on me, girlfriend.

And hey, did you get my three page letter?

Elaine just sent me $14.50 worth of temple beach. WAAAAAAAAHHHH!

SWIRL said...

honestly- our over all book club trip didn't go as planned.

The kids had fun- and that is what is most important.. (I have to comfort myself with that thought.)

My friend- knowing when we were going- invited to help drive and then invited half the neighborhood to go with us. I was disappointed because it was suppose to be a "reward" for reading.. not a "Townhouse trip to the theaters- regardless if you read or not."

It was strange.

Martha said...

I hope it didn't wreck the movie for you. I explained what happened. Jimmy's on book 3 now.

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