Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little Thoughts

No big news.
Just some little thoughts...
for those of you wondering what we are up to.

Mentally - I've been holding out for the rainy season.
In years past we have had buckets of rain... 40 days of rain... flooding... all kinds of paddling up main street and kids playing with boogie boards in the streets kind of rain and water.

Not this year.
It has been very mild and occasionally drizzly- and I guess that is all we are going to get this year. It is strange.

My youngest- who is changing more and more into a little boy and less "baby" -and I wrote some names in the sand.

The temple is coming along nicely.
I can't wait for the OPEN HOUSE- maybe the end of Summer/ Fall.

As far as my ideas of "discovering myself artistically" ( I can't help but laugh at myself.) I've started 2 BIG paintings ... and they are sitting /propped up on my kitchen floor....)

I'm stuck... blocked...
And the kids have been home with Spring Break- so I haven't had time to ... "discover"... or be artistic...

but surprisingly- I'm okay with that.
I've been busy.
And busy is good.

Looking forward to MONDAY- you know how I love the start to a new week...
And APRIL is right around the corner... and I LOVE LOVE the start of a NEW month!

{hugs} Happy Monday to everyone~


Emily said...

Love these photos!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I lub your little thoughts. It's so fun to hear what's happening in the old stomping grounds. I bet you are sooooo excited for the temple to open up again. Are the lights still off? I really missed the lights.

The Gilman's are here! The twins spent a few hours swimming at their pool yesterday. It was so fun to see them again. Talk about Flashback.

Oh my goodness, Heath looks just like a young Hugh in that cute photo. Is he still in pre-school at Laie?

I laughed about the Kuhio day bbq. ha ha ha ha so typical. Go BIG or Go HOME!

I remember I used to get a little fatigued by the shining sun and sometimes I would like "sigh! I wish it would rain today."

HA!I'm much more grateful for the sun now.


Noel said...

I love they pictures! They are breath taking! I can't believe how much Heath has grown since August!

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