Wednesday, April 21, 2010

message in a bottle

I went to the beach to write more names in the sand.
We had another funeral for a baby this month. He was actually a 3 years old in my nursery.
Complications from strep/pneumonia.
The parents were so composed at the funeral. They both spoke.
Is that normal? I've been to 2 funerals for kids/babies in the last 4 months
and at both- the parents were the main speakers.
I am amazed and astounded and ... humbled.
I couldn't help but wonder what I would be able to blubber out...if I had been asked to speak. (not that they would have asked, I was just a blubbering mess.) It was a beautiful service and they shared such a wonderful , peaceful, hopeful message.
Knowing they will see their son again and he is their compass now pointing their hearts back to heaven. (His name actually means compass in Samoan! His father said he named him with a speech in mind. He was practicing his speech--- when his son reached those troubled teen years-- he was going to sit him down and say, "Son. Do you know what your name means?
You need to get back on track, Stay the course. Keep yourself pointed in the right direction!"
(I smiled- I do that too... prepare those types of speeches.)
But the father said- He realized now... he felt inspired to name his son Tapasa (compass in Samoan) because his son was meant to be HIS compass back to Heavenly Father. To keep him on the straight and narrow.
So I was at the beach and this is what was waiting for me!

Have you ever found a message in a bottle?
Me neither.
But wouldn't that be cool?
Actually - I was a little giddy when I walked up to it to look... I mean...
How would I respond to a message in a bottle? No return address
I was actually relieved there wasn't a message.
The bottle was a little "occupied".
I didn't really want to touch it.
There were little crabs crawling on it- having a nice afternoon meal... and those little barnacles had the animals still inside!
I was going to throw it back in the water... but.. thought twice about it.
one- I really really didn't want to touch it.
two- is that technically considered littering?
three- (I guess I thought thrice about it- and this is the main reason.)- it was such a surprise and little bit of wonder that brought a smile to my face... I wanted to leave it so someone else could happen upon it-- like I did-- and have a moment of wonder.
The thrilling feeling of maybe finding a "message in a bottle".


T said...

I have to say that nobody seemed composed at my nephew's funeral last year... my mother spoke... and she held it together - sort of...

I on the other was a ridiculous blubbering mess... nobody should have asked me to sing at this one, I like to pretend that everyone knew it was heartfelt and nobody worried that the words were unintelligible thanks to tears...

SWIRL said...

awe...funerals are really hard! I think everyone in attendance understands... and how anyone can EVER sing... woah... I couldn't even sing the words to the opening and closing hymns... just so sad.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

That was soooo darn sweet. I lubbed it. That whole thing. Who was the little boy? That is so sad. Is that the same boy Iwa was talking about?

Love the whole compass story. Very cool. And how cute that he was preparing his speech for the teenage years.

I actually sent a message out in a bottle once. It was at Turtle Bay.

I wrote a story and threw it out into the universe. The next day I was walking on that beach and their was a message in a bottle sitting on the beach. Surprise, surprise, it was my own message in a bottle. ha ahahahahaha

That has to be significant. I found my own message.

I should blog about that.


I got your email. I'm excited for the project.

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