Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My NEW love...and pastime

Signing Time DVD of the Month Club
I use to sign ALL THE TIME with my oldest boys when they were younger.
I also had a few deaf friends who would come and hang out... so it was more applicable. It wasn't just a "game" we played, it was a real language we used!

It was funny- because I signed to my friend, "Yeah, I sign to my oldest.. but he never signs back." I left the room to grab the baby who was waking up from a nap and when I came back my deaf friend was laughing... she said, "As soon as you left the room he started signing to me!"

She explained some kids are like that.
He knew I didn't need to use it- so he didn't sign to me.
It is really common with kids who have one hearing and one deaf parent... they only sign to the deaf parent- even if BOTH parents sign to him.

So recently- a mom asked me to teach her family sign language- they have a 2 year old born without an ear. I agreed to help out - but wanted to find a DVD series that they could watch to practice on their own. I LOVE THESE DVD's! They are so colorful and fun! I love that they have the image, the written word, the verbal word AND the sign. All my boys have enjoyed them!

Since I started interpreting again- and they've met a few deaf people in our small community- by boys are interested in learning to sign.

Last Sunday- we had a "voices off" morning. How pleasantly quiet it was..

My youngest son has been watching the DVD's and not really signing along. If I saw him try.. I would sign with him .. and he would disengage... run off and play. So I didn't know how much he was learning.

I went to pick him up from preschool and in a different class- The special- Special Ed class... I recognized a deaf woman- picking up her son. I went over to say Hi-- etc... and my youngest walks up... signs "Hi, my name is Heath" (a name sign for Heath I had given him.) The woman was pleasantly surprised.

She introduced herself... he was more interested in her son (who was the same age).

But I was FLOORED!
This son is going to preschool for speech- and he - without hesitation walked up to a stranger and introduced himself!

She knows I sometimes work as an interpreter and she was so impressed I was teaching my kids.
(ehem... I didn't tell her I wasn't! That all I did was plopped him in front of the TV and let the DVD teach him!)

The series is a little expensive.
Checking them out from the Library is challenging- they always have a HUGE waiting list!
I LOVE this idea of a video a month!
What a great way to learn a new language!
I love her songs too...

Just an over all- great product! (and it really works!)


Emily said...

Love that! You might be able to expense those DVDs if you can find a reason you need them- either for your interpreting job or maybe for your BC4B website

Have you bought Fablehaven yet? If not let me know and I'll sendthem to you. But you have to read them. It would be for Hugh's age group, but there are so many cool activites you could do (secret codes,invisible ink, tennis, making a fairy house)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

That is sooo awesome! Chicken-skin awesome.

Hey Emily and Swirl, the magic quilt is done and I have Kritta send me photos. She has sewn/cursive both of your names into it. All of our names who contributed. It is so beautiful. I will post photos soon, but I am so excited about it.

And Swirl I will email you back soon. I have a wedding tomorrow, but I lubbed your last email. I can so relate to how you were feeling.

I linked to you today and suggested a new book for your book club 4 boys.


Amanda said...

My kids are learning to sign, too! We take an ASL class once a week and the kids are having fun! Isabel has a hard time sitting through it for an hour, but these videos may be the answer for her.

Kirsten said...

I love those videos as well. We have a few of them, and I check the rest out from the library when I can. I need to get them out again to start doing it again with my 1 y/o.

Also, it's funny you mention about your son not signing back until you left the room. We just returned from Brazil visiting my husband's family. The kids would not say anything in Portuguese while we were around, but we found out that when we left the kids for an afternoon without us, they actually spoke. As soon as we returned, they were back to their English. I still don't know how much they actually know, but probably more than I think!

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