Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just browsing....

A really adorable idea- at the Idea Room.
She has a short tutorial on how to make animal felt finger puppets.
I serve in the Nursery at our church-- and for singing time-- these little puppets could go a long way.

Also- for a story time- it would be a great way to get little ones involved. Stories like:
Old Mac Donald's Farm
(really ANY farm story)
Little Red Hen
I wrote to the Zoo
Three little pigs

The possibilities are endless!!!
What a great crafty idea!

(I know it is only May- but I saw on my "Labels" Handmade Christmas projects... and this would definitely be a great gift for someone with lots of little ones! How cute would that be?
A book and a handful of finger puppets!

Oh I am SO getting my hot glue gun out and getting started!
( or ... a baby shower gift?)
Cute - Cute - CUTE!


T said...

oooh, I think THAT one is going right at the top of my summer crafts list!!! (and making a few extra for gifts is a super idea!)

Amanda said...

Need. felt. NOW!!!!
Those are too cute, I'm getting started on them right away.

Emily said...

Someone make some of these and send them to me now, please. Thank you

SWIRL said...

maybe your sister or cool sister-in-law will make you some for your birthday.... be patient

Emily said...

I'd like them to look like pokemon, mario, and sonic please. ;0)

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