Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thinking about Summer Reading....

Summer ...summer ....summer
- is fast approaching...
I saw this headline "13-year-old is youngest to scale Mount Everest"
on Yahoo news.
it reminded me of this great series of books!

Everest Series by Gordon Korban

Soo-oo Good!
Reading Level: 4th gradeWould be great for older boys with lower reading skills too.Trilogy and each is less then 150 pages!
Summary: Mount Everest- The highest mountain in the world. The ultimate climb. For four lucky mountaineers it will be their chance to be the youngest person to ever reach the summit.The mountain has claimed the lives of many adults, so the American Junior Alpine Association hosts a competition of intensive training to weed out the real talent from the wanna-be's. This climbing contest began as a competition. Some are not ready for what they face, while others will stop at nothing to reach the top. Once on the mountain things turn life or death where no one is guaranteed to survive!

Again-- so so good!
I am compiling a list of books-- with summer break themes.. that I've loved and my kids have enjoyed...
I'll be posting them on
later next week...
Summer -- summer -- SUMMER!
Can't WAit!


T said...

looking forward to your list - still debating mine, and there are only 4 days left of school!!! I'd better get a move on!!!

acte gratuit said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I just had my fourth boy so I was excited to find your site!
Emily in Japan

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