Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meet my friend

I have so many talented friends who inspire me.... too many to really a name all of them... but you know a few already....

You've met Martha- who is a superstar athlete whose kids always win the National Jr. Olympics.
She's always helping people connect to the inner athlete.

You've met CRASH who is hilarious and can always spin a tale to make you smile, laugh and cry all in one post.

You've met my friend Anjeni- who is my Polynesian stampin sistah. Who is always ready with her cuttlebug to make a card or special invitation...

I want to introduce another talented friend of mine- SHARA!

She is an amazing artist.

The first time I went to her house- (about 9 years ago) I couldn't help but notice all the beautiful oil paintings. Then I noticed a handful of her children and I realized- she was the artist!
She's painted murals on bedroom walls.
She's taught art classes in her community for children
She also paints family portraits

YOU have got to visit her website:

She has such a talent for capturing the spirit and likeness of people- while adding light and joy in her work.
I don't know- how to describe it. I've seen other artists and portraits and their work seems flat and sometimes lifeless and dark...

Her work and attention to detail- just shines in each painting.
I am trying to encourage her to start a blog-
she is hilarious and a ton of fun.
But also to showcase more of her work.
On our family note:
I am trying to pack up this week- we are heading to Maryland for some vacation!whoot whoo!
One of my sons has come down with SHINGLES
Poor guy.
Hopefully he'll be comfortable and able to recover quickly..

Another project I am working on is cleaning our house before I go...
Another friend of mine has this amazing ability to organize her home-- and teach her kids.
I went to drop something off at her house the other day and I noticed a 3X5 card taped on her porch by the shoe shelf... (detailed directions on how to clean the porch).

I didn't go in and inspect her house-- but I can TOTALLY see her having these 3X5 cards around the house... how to clean the living room, Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc...

I mean, if you are like me and not BORN a cleaner or organizer, a list is a great place to start.
Just go down the list.
You don't have to think about it..
I was thinking of adding a picture too-- to inspire them.... (or me)
"SEE? see what this room could look like if you did what is on this list?"

Go Meet shara!
Be inspired!


T said...

Yay for talented friends (I might need to get some 3X5 cards written up!) - but Boo to shingles... may the trip go smoothly and non miserable!

Amanda said...

Koryn made a list and put it in the bathroom that the kids use. I thought it was brilliant! They all go into the bathroom so everyone sees it and they know what they're suppose to do AND instructions on how to do it!

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