Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sneaky Summer Writing

Okay maybe these ideas aren't so sneaky- but as a mom- trying to encourage my kids to do a little summer learning... I try to sneak it in as much as possible.

Encourage little ones to write letters in sand- be it at the beach or sandbox at the park.

This summer I was contacted by a book club in Virginia who were looking for Summer pen pals. Their book club just read the book Dear Max. I happily bought postcards and wrestled up a few boys in her age group. POSTCARDS are great- especially for pen pals. It's an interesting picture on one side and small space to fill with words. Kids are less intimidated by writing one or two sentences on a post card, than trying to fill a blank page with a "letter".

( I snatched this photo of postcards from

Lastly- my attempt to encourage summer writing in my home is journals. But not just your typical diary or spiral bound note book. Oh.. no... blank pages... are stumbling blocks... or writers blocks... for reluctant writers...

No.. I've found some great journals that were made with BOYS in mind.

My second son loved this series- so when I saw this Do-it-Yourself Diary at Cosco.. I had to buy it. ($15 at cosco- wish I would have bought it from Amazon.) He's already attached a picture of himself and started filling in the pages. Many of the pages have 'assignments' or things to do.. so it's a no brainer of what to write.

Grandma actually sent this journal to my oldest son. "Wreck This Journal"- precisely! I love this book- the first page says to "crack the spine"... it's an... anything goes journal. There are promps to put stains on pages, drips and spills...,poke holes in pages with your pencil, .. a page for collecting fruit stickers...

It is a really funny journal- that gives you permission to do whatever you want with your journal. I love it- while I wouldn't eat candy and then lick the page in MY journal... maybe my son would like to do that. And what do I care...? I like that it is a book for kids... there are no right or wrong ways to the creative process..

And I just want him to write.

Yes there are right and wrong ways to handle scriptures or library books. And yes...I prefer my boys to handle school books (text books) and book club books kindly... but their journals... I mostly want them to write in them and if that means I get doodling on the side and pencil holes.. great. Their journals should reflect them- and their personalities . Be a free space to write, draw, doodle, journal whatever they would like.

In one of my sons journals - I found a list.
Good- Okay- and Bad.
Then there were columns of names under each category.
Dad was under good along with some friends,
a few of my sons were under the "okay" with a few of his friends...
then Mom and the remaining sons were listed under BAD.
At first I thought he was ranking our hockey skills... but the sons on the list with me are good at hockey... ??

I just laughed- what am I so "bad" at? And I am dying to ask... but I can't.

I don't want him to know I read his journal!!

( I am so like my mother! She would read our journals and then ask questions to clarify- and I was always mortified! I felt so violated! Yet- I kept writing in my journal.)

Summer Plans---
I am so excited- I just ordered books 1-7 from the Capital Mysteries Series. We are going to read them before our trip to Washington D.C!!! We've read a few- from our library.. but they don't have the whole series.. and the few copies they had were so great! They are fun stories and a great way to get familiar with the different monuments and museums at our Nations Capital.


acte gratuit said...

Great ideas! I'm going to try some of your recommendations!

Emily said...

Fun! I have wreck this journal also but am scared to mess it up so haven't even touched it yet. It's been like a year

Sarah said...

I used to keep a journal as a kid...until I found my little brother reading it! But the "wreck my journal" seems like a great idea- especially for boys who won't write.

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