Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Reads

I love it - when I catch my kids reading-
especially to each other...
Is this what they look like when I read to them?

I suspect not... I think part of that expression- is the fact that his cool big brother is reading to him.

Okay- for weeks...
WEEKS- I tell you...
I have been wanting to compile a list of GREAT BOY books to read this summer...

such lofty ideas of writing some summaries of each and what I love about each one ... blaa blaa bla...
Sorry kiddos... not going to happen.
June is almost half over and where is my list?

So here are some of my absolute favorites-- and more importantly-- some tried and true-- BOY 100% fail proof books boys love!!!! list.

Starting with Older boys moving down to younger....

Getting your husband to read....
I recommend ANY TITLE by Harlan Coben

Okay- years ago I was in a book club- and someone suggested we pick a book we could "read with our husbands".

Someone recommended this book.
I bought it.
That night when my husband crawled into bed.. I told him I wanted to read the book together.
(He reads all day for work- so to relax- reading is not top on his list.)

I offered to read aloud.
He moaned, if I remember correctly,... and rolled over ... warning he will probably fall asleep.

This is a page turner! At the end of chapter one.. he was snuggled by my side and said- "read one more...."
It is sooo good.
People Magazine says, "The only plausible reason for setting down this book is to make sure your front door is locked and double-bolted."

That is exactly how I remember it.

This is a great read! A page turner! Along the lines of Bourne Identity, or the Alex Rider series... I enjoyed this series so much more! Click Here to read my official review.

This is a really good read- a boy into football would appreciate. All the pain and sweat it takes during summer training and trying to get the upper edge and make the team.

Independent Reader Recommendations:
(or this series would be great for older boys with lower reading skills.)

This series is GREAT! For boys who like hiking and a bit of adventure.... CLICK here - to read my official review and connect to an article of a boy who really DID climb Mount Everest!
Intense - is how I would label the content.

Independent Readers Continued......

This is a fun book and would be a great movie/book club! (Very tame and nothing too scary- regarding the content of the book.) Especially good for kids who aren't into magical and mystical.

This is the series we are reading this summer. It is sooooo good... and magical and a little creepy. If your kids read Spiderwick- or saw the movie... this series is great. (We are only on book 2) They are more advanced than Spiderwick...

For boys who are starting to read chapter books---

This could be a movie/book club series-- although the movie doesn't follow the books loyally.. so it would be a great conversation of comparing and contrasting the two. My boys LOVED and devoured this series-- you can click here and read my book club outline.

Well- I hope this helps you find something to suggest to your boys-- of all ages! ;)
Happy Reading!


Amanda said...

Connor just finished the Dear Max book that your friends book club is working on. He laughed through the entire book! And he talked about it, a lot. So it must have been a good read, definitely one he enjoyed.

T said...

looks like I need to get me some Harlan Coben books for Father's Day...

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