Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deep Thoughts about ambition...

Two days ago- I was introducing myself to one of my new neighbors.
(5 people moved out of our townhouse complex- so there are a few new families to meet and greet.)

I was not just welcoming them to our little patch of heaven- but I was also secretly working undercover- trying to figure out their talent so I could hit them up to volunteer in our School Fall Play.

Have I mentioned that yet?

The PTCO President thought our Spring Play was such a success- we should do it again!

(Honestly- I was already planning and plotting
and adapting a story for just such a project...
but I was planning on being behind the scene again... not front and center!)

So you are now reading the blog of the most recently appointed "FINE ARTS Chair" at our small little island school.

ANYWAY- back to my new neighbor.
I briefly caught her up to speed on the in's and out's and do's and don'ts ...
(not really- I'm not that much of a know it all-- I'm still trying to sort that sort of stuff out.)

But I tried casually mentioning the school play and at what capacity would she be interested in helping? ( I know- kinda pushy. But on this day, I had just realized we had lost 3 of our magic makers from the last play- so I was feeling a bit of pressure to fill these major roles.)

One of our directors,

The Lady who made all the costumes last time

and Our Pianist who compiled all the music at the last play.)

I must have overwhelmed her- (for her benefit: she didn't see our last play that we threw together in only a week and a half time. She hasn't figured out - what a talented and creative community she has moved into...)

Standing wide eye-- she said, "My you are ambitious!"

But sounding like she was thinking...
'coo-coo... what a nut? Why is it the crazy neighbors always introduce themselves first?'

And I've been stewing over it...

Ambitious!- if she only knew what a truly under achiever I can be! She wouldn't spout out such comments!

I mean - I know I have lots of ideas
and I like to start lots of "projects"...
Ambitious people do BIG stuff.

They are able to stick to a task... L-O-N-G term...

{unfortunately- I am very short term minded.}

I wish I could stick to something.. a project long term.
I set a goal- and if it can't be accomplished in 3 months... then it usually gets abandoned.
{hence- why I still don't play the piano.. speak spanish fluently... know how to sew properly... the list goes on... }

Yesterday on Yahoo- they spotlighted a gal who set a goal to make 365 dress in 365 days only spending $365 dollars.
Talk about AMBITIOUS!
She is on Day 262!
And every day she shows a before picture
and after picture
and a picture of her wearing her dress out.

Okay- she's single.. so ...
She doesn't have little ones under-toe

But even when I was single-- did I have social events to goto every night?

It is and amazing feat!

100% of the dresses are hideous to start with. (or torn or have holes... )
25% of them still look pretty bad after their re-make
50% of them are dresses I could see being worn out and about...
and then every few days... she creates a real knock out!
Besides being the newest FINE ART chair at our school. I was just called to serve at church with the youth/ young women.

I TOTALLY want to do this with them!
take them to a thrift shop and have them pick out a dress...
and then bring it home and try to remake it into something they would wear...
have a fashion show.. with before pictures and then them strutting the after ...

Okay- I'm inspired! Off to fold a mound of laundry!


T said...

oh my... I'm feeling accomplished if I can sew one thing per year (yes, usually costumes)...

too bad the 365 dresses lady didn't move into your area because THEN costumes would be taken care of at least!!!

T said...

I spent WAY too long looking through those dresses... I think you picked the best of the bunch!

Christi said...

I have totally had the sewing bug lately. And I don't sew... at all! But I've been losing sleep over the oh-so-fashionable and unique outfits I could make. I've decided to try a skirt. I'm pretty sure that will kill this little fantasy of mine!

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