Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Version of Dress Dare

So here is the dress I picked from our local Savers Store.
I'll admit.
I went the "safe" route.
I didn't pick a mumu or something ghastly for my first attempt.
Because- #1 I couldn't find a dress for a dollar and #2 I did want to wear it in the end.

It looks a bit dark and frumpy in the photo. But really it is light weight breezy material and I love the flounce and bounce of the skirt... and a bonus.. the waist is cinched with a hidden side-seam zipper!

(because I have a long torso-- so my small waist is one of my more flattering areas.)

Small problem with the dress...
First.... is the flattering side-zipper waist.

This dress is sized 2P
and I guess I have big ribs.

I never thought of myself as petite... so this was not a big shocker.

Second problem is the length of the dress... too short for a BYU-Bishops wife to be strutting around campus in. {Especially on a BYU Devotional DATE!} I can hear the rumors now!

So my plan is to make a BYU- standard skirt out of this dress.

because I love the construction of the skirt part..
and the colors and pattern....
(teal has been my new favorite color for over two years now....)

So I am going to chop off the top

Now I have two pieces...

Word of warning for those going to accept the challenge to re-style or revamp a dress.... when you cut a dress... and go to put it on.... SEW up the ZIPPER before putting it on... (Make a new stopping point for your zipper!) If not... you will ZIP yourself .. right into the dress... and

the zipper handle will just fly off the garment.

I've made a mental note.
Next comes the fun part... I've got 30 minutes to style this baby for my date. First I try the obvious..

(uh...huh..... I can't pull that off.)

But the skirt is cute!



am I right?

I could hear Tim-- in my mind... encouragingly say ...


Next.. I try making a funky scarf from the extra material...

That is a maybe.. when the weather gets colder...?

My final attempt with 2 minutes to spare... is pairing it with a sweater to bring out the teal in the dress... and I added a belt (to show my waist) but this is for my niece.. Kelsey.

***Side Story: While visiting cousins this summer. Our oldest niece was having a fashion war with her sister over a little belt they each wanted to wear to dinner. So they had a debate and asked us who should get to wear it. One niece wanted to wear the belt as a belt... through the loops of her pants. (but between you and me... her pants fit like a glove and could stay up on their own. BUT it was her belt.) The older sister argued she had been wearing the younger sisters belt ALL DAY and she wasn't going to give it up now.. right before dinner.
(she was wearing it over a shirt to accent her waist.)

My oldest son says- " just one question. WHY are you wearing a belt - OVER your shirt? That doesn't make ANY sense?"

My husband agreed along with Uncles and nephews.. they didn't understand the function.

And it was a big laugh... but she brushed it off... rightly so

That she wasn't going to start taking fashion tips from teenage boys.

(She's in college for goodness sakes!)

Where was I? to defend her fashion sense? you ask??
In my defense-- I was showering and getting ready. So I didn't hear the arguments.. I just heard the laughing and got the details later...

BUT that was the first thing my husband noticed when I walked in his office.

He said, "Oh dear.."

I said, " Yeah! This is for Kelsey!"

He admits that he still doesn't understand it-

but since that argument he HAS noticed women wearing their belts over their tops.

So for our date- we went to Devotional.

(really great talk)

And then visited a new restaurant in town.


the food is tasty!

As far as my outfit. I think it will be a regular fall outfit! (If I can fix the zipper.)

Today was a bit HOT for a sweater and shirt... (even in the AC at Devotional.)

And I know- a date implies I was with my husband- so why wasn't he in the picture?

He took the picture... but honestly... he doesn't understand blogging

and he especially didn't want to be apart of any photographic evidence.

That's alright.

There are PLENTY of things "I don't get" in his world. (and don't want to try and get.)


T said...

I love the skirt! I might have to try this out... well, you know, after I finish re-working the dress I made for the 8 year old (3 years ago) into a skirt for the 6 year old... last sunday she insisted on wearing it folded over and belted without me having a chance to fix it... I'd better hurry before she wears it somewhere that the belt doesn't keep it up!

Martha said...

You know there are tons of halter dresses out there that we could do this with. We could just cut off the top and use it as a skirt. Very cute.

Christi said...

I am super impressed with your project! Maybe I'm easily impressed, but I think it looks fabulous! And... I didn't know you were a bishop's wife. Lucky you! :)
For the record... Jeff laughs about waist belts over shirts, too.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

You have no idea how good it is to see you taking photos of yourself in the mirror again. hahahahaah That made my heart smile.

I LUB the skirt/dress. Sooooo darn cute. You go girl. I miss you.

Lub the Surf Taco painting.

I got through the first week of anticipating and prepping for new schools. Now today (and tomorrow) we're buying our first house. It's a long complicated story, but we're finally grown ups.

I'm such a slacker friend to you though. How's your play coming?

Anonymous said...

I love your skirt! It was cool to watch you take a realy ugly dress and transform it into a really cool looking skirt with a jacket as well as a scarf to match it with. I bet you worked really hard to finally get the results you wanted but it looks like it was worth all of your time and effort. Great job!

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