Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Move In's

One consequence of going on vacation for a month.. is un-welcomed move in's....

Our house - smelled stale

Every cupboard and drawer had cobwebs and spiders

even yuckier than that {if that is a word?} is the evidence of other unwanted guests who had moved in...

I didn't think to start taking pictures- until after I cleaned up the pile of tin foil on my stove..

you know the saying... "While the cats away the mice will play? "

I guess the rats were hard up for food-- so they nibbled on the foil that I lined my stove-burners with...

How random is that?

To motivate my cleaning spree--

(having to clean and wipe down every shelf, drawer and cupboard in the house... )

I bought my self a little house warming gift.

I love this little catch all wire/iron basket

(the metal is coated in a thick black plastic like surface- so I am hoping it doesn't rust... we'll keep fingers crossed.)

Something yummy- my sister introduced me to while visiting ... are the tasty treats of


it is so easy to turn a simple cake

add frosting and roll into

innocent looking little balls....

Then dip them in melted baking chocolate to make a

no- fail yummy and dare I boast

elegant treat!

I made the mistake of using

semi-sweet chocolate...
my kids didn't dig them as much as my sisters

But it was a great first attempt
and Martha and other friends appreciated the tasty treat.

Don't they look cute?

The secret is the sprinkles..

Everything looks adorable in sprinkles.

I was trying to make mine smooth and "professional" but

that comes with practice- I hope

If you want advice from a professional- on cake balls
visit Bakerella {click HERE}

she definantly knows the secret behind getting your cake balls to look professional.


T said...

I've been wanting to try my hand at cake balls... because I've got to get some practice in before attempting Bakerella's Hello Kitty cake pops for sweet M's birthday (no worries, I have like 9 months to perfect the recipe... but who wants to put things off to the last minute right... this is in NO WAY related to the fact that I want to eat mounds of sugar :)

SWIRL said...

Oh I know! I came home from vacation and before we were even upacked-- I whipped up TWO batches of Cake Balls...

so so sosososososoosos yummy!

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