Monday, August 16, 2010

one more sneak of summer

Friday night we took the kids to KIHA for Open Skate. It really is a beautiful facility. The older boys were skating and playing pick-up hockey with friends when my youngest pipes up- "I want to skate!"
You have to understand.
He has resisted all things hockey up to this point in his life.
And we've learned it is pointless to try bribe or encourage him into anything...
so we quickly asked the manager if they had any equipment for little ones- and sure enough- they did! He had a blast. It was really cute- I'll load more pictures later- but all the older brothers came by to take him around the rink and encourage him skating.

Then Saturday- we slept in (until 8:30- I had to laugh- I remember when sleeping in meant 10 or 11..) And then I made pancakes (thanks to some coaching from my sister-in-law this summer I learned the secret to yummy pancakes. Patience- is the key factor I was lacking..)
And THEN as if that wasn't enough pleasure for one day
we piled the kids in the car and headed to Sharks Cove for some snorkeling.

I tell ya- 4 is a magical age in life.
We had a great time.
Minimal complaining and groaning
It felt like we got to cheat one more day of summer vacation

as if we hadn't done enough in one day...

My husband and I started de-cluttering our house.

It was a bit of an intervention.

He sat down and said, "Okay honey. I'll do any chore you want me to do. What can I do? "
I sat down next to him on the couch and looked around... and I think he could see how overwhelmed I was...
there is so much to do... where do you even start.... ??

I can't remember exactly what was said- but it was really sweet.
It wasn't so much the words- but the intention behind it... we talked about our hopes for our home..
I told him I wanted our home not just be a "pit stop" in our busy life... but that it is a place where our boys will want to bring friends, a place for people to gather and laugh and play and have fun... and right now it's not functioning very well.

So he offered to help- help me eliminate some of the excess I am holding onto.
{alot of books and clothes and just stuff we don't have space for.... }
The books were painful... but
I was good.

I limited myself to one book shelf for favorite story books, one shelf for beginning readers and one for small chapter books. Then my oldest son has a book case in his room I filled with favorite books and books I've bought that I think he will like... and in the end... I had about 4 boxes of books to give away!
( I am hoping the kindle will help. 3000 books can be stored on a Kindle!!!)
Okay- I have a confession- I do have another small bookcase with seasonal and holiday books.
And I'm not saying books are bad.
They aren't
It's just here, where we live
material objects get destroyed, mildew, mold, rodents - chew and gnaw... things rust and decay
And the books were really just BULK not being enjoyed...

I asked him where he took all those boxes... and he assured me they were in a "happier place."
I don't want to think too hard about where or what that means...

But it was a great start to a very long project.
I'll keep you posted on the progress.


Amanda said...

YAY for Heath :)
YAY for YOU! Pancakes, no groaning or complaining and hubby offered, nooo...asking, to clean? The stars were aligned and the universe was giving you a great big hug!

Good for you on purging, it's so hard but so necessary. I have one sofa piled high with bags of if I can just get them all dropped off.

ALSO I have a hard time getting rid of books too, but I've found if I can put them on paperbackswap and get credits for books that I may want in the future, then it's like having a virtual bookshelf waiting to be filled. And for every book you ship out, you get a credit for a use whenever you'd like or even donate to schools or military families.

Look into it!

Martha said...

Wow, I need to come over and check out the clean living room. I was just amazed at the garage.

Do they do open skate every Friday? Maybe we could go with sometime.

Tom wants to play hockey, but I don't think he can fit it in with soccer and my tennis. Plus, we got our permits and are going to start building the studio next week!! Yeah.

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