Friday, August 27, 2010

Second Dress Modification

Okay- not only is this addicting-
I think I am on to something here.... especially for a young women's project!

While I am only 5'4 we have a handful of girls in our church who are tall. I've heard Martha's challenge of finding dresses and skirts long enough for her daughter who is well above 5'7.
I bought this dress on the mainland/at a thrift store.
I really liked the color... bright and fun...
I liked the zip up - fitted feature the dress has...
The main problem is the top.
A little too young for me---
It looks like an apron (AT BEST)
Worst thing about it... I can't fill out those bust flaps....
(story of my life.... but we wont get into that.)

So I cut those bad boys off.
(The fabric pattern= butterflies)
Cute- no?

So my styling idea-- is to just wear it like a skirt. (not rocket science... )
A high-waisted skirt...
With my L-O-N-G torso... high-waisted stuff looks pretty good on me....
But what to do with those butterfly/bust flaps??

Ya could make an accessory type thing from the extra material...
it kinda resembles a sailor type collar.....

While Tim- usually says "Make it Work!" I think here he would advise....

So Thanks to my friend Grace- who reminded me of soccer practice....
that is where I wore my new skirt.

I love that it is just a fun playful print... I can wear casually around
with slippahs...

Because while on the mainland... the end of Aug and beginning of Sept means cooler weather...
Here in Hawaii... we are gritting our teeth with the upcoming HOTTEST month of the year.

The trade winds die down... so no more ocean breeze to cool our un-airconditioned homes... and we just have to sweat it out.
(but I can't cry too much--- that just means ... more play time at the beach. And the kids willingly take showers at night so they can cool off and sleep better.)

It's hard taking pictures of yourself.
Have you ever noticed that?
Also - I am learning something new about myself in this project.
I don't have very good facial expressions.
Some gals can pull of playful looks,
flirty looks,
contemplating- deep in thought looks
you know.... a full range of emotions on their face.
I look either happy/sad/ angry/ or trying to hard.

BAck to the project: I say if you have a daughter or work with young girls ... you have GOT to try this altering a dress business!
I didn't even sew anything on my first dress! (yes the zipper flew off..)
So this time I did... I simply turned the new cut edge over on itself and sew(ed) a straight line. (making a new stopping point for the zipper.)
no hem
you don't have to know how to make button holes, zippers, bla bla bla...
just a straight seam!


T said...

do the bust flaps provide enough fabric for a scrunchie? always good to have a scrunchie when it's soccer season!

Kathy said...

Hey Laura,

You got me hooked on that dress a day blog and I'm so impressed that you are doing it too! Cool. I need to check out some of the clothes that I have to see if I can do something with them before shipping them off to the local good will.

Maybe with that extra fabric you can make a bracelet. I made one like this:

Can't wait to see what else you do. Impressive!

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