Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So much to do, to do, to do....

I am trying NOT to get overwhelmed.. but seriously
So MUCH to do!

I've started a new blog project: www.swirlsewsimple.blogspot.com
because I don't feel like I have enough blogs yet...
Because I am a new advisor to the Beehives ( girls ages 12-13 at our church) and they are so sweet and adorable!
I am having so much fun!

Anyway- you know how I've been obsessed with the whole re-making a dress idea.
I wanted a place to work out some simple ways to sew and re-style clothes.
Also - I am working on my own Personal Progress Award... so this will be the place for me to work that out. Write my thoughts and such... I found some really inspirational blogs of young women (of other faith) writing about modesty and virtue..the importance of being an example for good.

And I thought- YEAH! I want to join their club.. posting my thoughts... etc..etc..

So this new blog is a new project to put on my pile... of to do's
along with...
starting book clubs for my boys this year
up dating my book club 4 boys website
the Fall play in October
and interpreting a few hours this fall?
plus keeping our home presentable- for our fall students who are renting
So much to do...
but today-
I am washing windows- getting the students bedroom clean
AND re waxing our floor.
There has got to be a better way to re-wax a floor. (actual waxing part is not so bad... it's the scraping and getting the old wax off that is tedious. I spent 6 hours so far...
scraping... and I haven't even finished our small kitchen yet.
Lame linoleum flooring!
So I've got to run..
I just wanted to check in - let you all know I'm alive...
and kicking..


T said...

kicking isn't nice.

and yeah- another blog does make you sound a titch crazy... but I'm sure we'll visit as my eight year old is begging me to teach her how to sew. She isn't aware yet that my sewing "skills" are more like sewing "wanna-bes"... I like her being in the dark and thinking I am awesome!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

UGH! I remember so vividly the scrape scrape scraping of those lame linoleum floors. You are so busy, girl. But with fun stuff. Aren't Beehives the best. I love that you are beehive advisor. You are not only great with boys, you are great with girls. Going to email you back today.


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