Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Summary

Okay, Okay I know I have some deep repenting and groveling to do-
to beg for forgiveness...

I have almost completely abandoned my blog over the summer.
I went MIA-
with little to no warning..
I have an excuse...
a pretty darn good one...
{don't I always}
But I wont even try to excuse my absence- so let me just highlight some of our Summer Highlights..
We went to the Mainland for a MONTH! Yes- a month!
And while we did bring a lap top- that was mostly so my oldest son could finish his on-line math class. ( He's such a smarty- and wanted to get ahead in math this summer.) Thankfully that all worked out... with a 6 hour time difference I was worried we wouldn't get all our ducks in-line . But he worked hard and even got an A from the course!
I didn't even bring my camera! { I flew with the 4 kids myself... and had a bunch of carry-ons and bad planning on my part...}
So I have little photographic evidence of our Summer adventures...
Luckily- Crash- blogged about one magical moment on our vacation...
The magic quilt was sent to my sister-in-law to deliver to special family in her ward.
It was neat to see it in person
I remember when the magic quilt was just a twinkle in Crash's eye... and to see the project from conception to presentation to the recipient.. is/was very cool. {for lack of a better word}.

Amanda, Emily and I contributed fabric to the project. (My fabric wasn't on this particular magic quilt.)
Here Amanda was delivering the quilt. {My husband was taking the picture} I love how Stan isn't sure how to accept it. Like who? what is this crazy project? What is this all about???

Here Stan has the quilt snuggling with his grand kids. {He get's the idea now.}
He has decided to stop treatment and just enjoy life & the "now" with his family.
I feel very fortunate to have had a small part of this project.
It feels good... to do good... and be apart of good things.. .and associate with good people.
I'll blog more about our Summer Vacation- my eyes are tearing and my kids are home and I feel inspired to stop- and just enjoy my life, my kids home from school and enjoy the "now" with my family. HOpe you all have a great weekend.
If you are family- post more pictures of our adventures... so I can steal them and re-post them here!

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T said...

nice to see you've survived the summer unscathed. Is it tempting fate to say that before the official end of summer?

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