Monday, September 6, 2010

Handmade Christmas

I know... I know... It is only
What am I thinking?

to take a break from the FAll Break Play- I am helping plan...
and aside from planning up coming Book Club activities
and practice & prep for interpreting this fall term.. (yes- I've got the warm up and practice... it's been a few months since I've done any sign language...)

I've been thinking about our Christmas plans.
We are going to be on the mainland
in a log cabin
with lots of family
but probably not alot of Christmas decorations- we will probably bring the stockings.. to be hung by the fireplace with care...

So I started day dreaming about
sewing projects + Christmas+ decorations in mind...

immediately thought of these cute fabric banners I see every where on-line.

Outside Blue-line banner sold here:

Outside Spring Banner How To: HERE

How cute are these?

Whenever I go on etsy- I always think
Oh- I could make that!
then do I?

But I am motivated to make a Christmas banner
and I went to (because unless you are looking for Hawaiian print fabric... there really isn't much selection on the island)
and a hawaiiana Christmas is a cute idea... but
since we are going to be on the mainland- with snow and such
I thought it would be fun to make more of a "traditional" Christmas theme banner- with a twist.
I found this cute 12 Days of Christmas fabric-- then pulled the colors (red, olive, black) from the print.. to pick the colors for the other flags.
I probably ordered 5x too much fabric for this project.
We'll have to see.
If so
I feel a blog give-away happening around my Birthday.
(Cuz I just love blog give aways at my birthday!)
I am thinking... I am going to make my flags move-able
which means they could be re-move-able
which means... I could use them for more than one holiday in the future!
Like... once Christmas is over...
I could make some snowflake ones... pull off the 12 days fabric flags and black flags... and change up my banner....
Then for spring- rotate out the snowflakes/snowmen?? fabric flags and add floral flags...
I dunno
I'm thinking...
it might be fun to have an inter-change-able banner.
With birthday fabric flags... and such??
I best run
I am making cake balls...
and have to clean for a BBQ
and prep the meat for the BBQ
but it was fun the day dream a few hours away...
ops! before I forget


T said...

oooh, I might need a banner... and I have PILES of fabric downstairs just itching for a project...

Anjeny said...

Oh do need to bestow some of that energy on me. I am seriously exhausted just reading you..ahahahah..but that doesn't mean I'm not getting carried away in your excitement. I think that countdown idea is a fabulous one.

So, check out the mini catalog for this quarter Sept-Jan...pages 16 &34...they have just the fabric you're looking for, already cut and a Candy Countdown Calender Kit...I think those two would totally go greatly with a White Christmas in a cabin.

Aight...I will see you on Thursday.

Lee Family said...

That banner idea is great, Laura!

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